Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lost In Translation - Neal Huntington

Huntington: "This may be the toughest decision we have made in my time with the organization."
Translation: "This was my toughest decision ever...except for when I had to pick between the #2 best seller Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak or the corned beef at Primanti Brothers."

Huntington: "Tough decisions will need to be made as we build and sustain a championship-caliber organization."
Translation: "Please ignore the fact that I didn't say 'championship-caliber team.' Our team sucks, but our organization rocks! Yeah, making trades!"

Huntington: "When we signed Nate to a long-term contract, we did so with the intent on having him remain part of our core of homegrown talent."
Translation: "[Holding back chuckles...] I almost said that without laughing. Seriously, we signed him so we could trade him. You know how this works by now, don't you?

Huntington: "...the quality and quantity of talent we are receiving in this trade moves us closer to our goal of building that sustainable championship-caliber club."
Translation: "We are getting some guys that won't help us now. In fact, we'll be worse. But we did save some money. Of course, if all three prospects exceed expectations, we may be a little better in the future. It likely won't happen, but I'm going to stand up here and blow smoke up your butts anyways because many of you will believe my bullshit."

Huntington: "[Locke] is an intriguing young left-handed starter with the frame, athleticism and stuff to become a quality major-league starting pitcher."
Translation: "He has potential. Like great Pirate pitching prospects of the past, John Van Benschoten, Bryan Bullington, Clint Johnston, and Bobby Bradley, Locke has potential. And upside."

Huntington: "[Hernandez] is a dynamic player who has the potential to become an above-average major league outfielder. He is a quality athlete with plus speed and plays above-average defense. He has bat speed and the upside to develop into a productive table setter."
Translation: "Best case scenario, Hernandez is someday as good as McLouth. Upside, people, don't you understand upside? Idiots. [Walks away from podium singing "Don't you wish your GM was smart like me?]
Break It Down
As for the trade, I'll just refer you to Bob Smizik's great blog piece at the Post-Gazette. I will post one great line, though:
By trading center fielder Nate McLouth, their best and most marketable player, to the Atlanta Braves for three minor leaguers, the Pirates have said they have no chance of winning this season, a stance that goes against what they had been saying.
Couldn't agree more...



Reverend Paul Revere said...

I hate Pittsburgh probably as much, if not more, than anybody alive, but man, this makes no sense at all.

And it hurts the Phils in the process, bringing McLouth into the division. Nate has been a cornerstone of my championship fantasy team last year and my first-place team this year. Makes no sense. Kid can play.

Andrew said...

should the Phils sign Glavine? Just an interesting thought...

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Or Sheets?

Exploding Penguin said...

This is ridiculous. I feel like it's the same crap that happened with Bay. Why didn't the pirates try to obtain someone who is ready right now?? Gold glove center field with power and speed and they get people back who cant even play yet. Why not try and at least get Hanson??

Will mrs t's pierogies be playing outfield soon?

Kevin McGuire said...

And don't look now but I guess this means some other no name Pirates player will steal an All Star roster spot. Every team has to send at least one player (stupid rule in my opinion) so now Raul better get voted in.

Dr. Steve said...

Pittsburgh trade was insanely bad. It makes you question if they should be allowed to exist.

Phillies should be looking to replace MOYER in the rotation. I love the guy, but he's the weak link. Bastardo and Happ are solid for now.

GM-Carson said...

Who: Philadelphia Phillies (31-20) and Los Angeles Dodgers (37-18).

What: 4 game series between the two best teams in the NL.

Where: Los Angeles, California at Dodger Stadium.

When: Thursday June 4th through Sunday June 7th.

The Dodgers are thriving despite the departure of Manny Ramirez due to his over indulgence in multivitamins. They have great pitching (3.68 ERA) and a great offense (5.38 rpg). The Phillies are road warriors though and have a potent offense of their own (5.63 rpg) with improved pitching of late (4.88 ERA). Series starts tonight with Clayton Kershaw vs. Cole Hamels. This should be fun.

GM-Carson said...

I think the MLB should be run like fantasy baseball, where other team owners can veto trades. This horseshit trade would have been shot down in second in the WSBGM's Phantasy League 3.

Where's that douchebag that called us out last time Corey did one of these posts? Wonder what that slapnut thinks about this move.

Dr. Steve said...


GM-Carson said...

I'm damn glad the Phils aren't my primary team and I only remotely care about the Buccos because I'm really pissed about this McLouth trade now, so I can only imagine how I'd feel if this were my team I obsess over.

Aaron said...

The toughest stretch of the Phillies Season starts tonight. Dodger, Mets, Red Sox, 2 series with the Blue Jays and the Rays.
If they can come out of that stretch with a decent lead on the Mets the division is ours.

Victorino really really needs to not be hurt.

I got a feeling Happ and Bastardo will be around for a long time. We don't need Jake Peavy or Oswalt or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Dear Buccos Front Office,

Your recent trade of McLouth the Braves leaves Pennsyltucky's other baseball team without a glimer of hope to win. OK, McCutcheon had a decent game against the Mutts (suck!) Thursday. However, to get some bodies in the seats - Geez, your ballpark reminds me of the Spectrum during the '73 Sixers season - I'd suggest you do the following:

1- Pick up Tom Glavine. Pay him the league min, or the $1M he would have gotten from ATL for pitching one major league innning. You instantly have a 1st ballot HOF who might just help the young pitchers you have mature under your own Jedi Master. We, on the eastern side of the state, have our own Yoda Moyer for guys like the Feelthy Ba§tard, J.A. Happ, Escolona, et al.

Additionally, your aquiring Glavine would keep him from the Mutts (suck!), as they look for some one besides Santana for a SP role.

Besides, we already have our quota of 40+ YOA pitchers (see: Yoda Moyer, above).

2- Yo, remember that Bonds guy you let go years ago? He's looking for a job. Sure, he doesn't have a great rep right now, but putting Barry back on the Bucs payroll might fill some seats. You've done this before. Remember Andy Van Slyke? Same deal.

3- In all seriousness, DO NOT sign Padilla. The Phils got rid of him because of his addytude in the clubhouse. Better yet, sign Glavine and somehow trick the Mutts (suck!) into sign Padilla, and we here in Philly will forget the "We Are Family" disco-crap youse guys used during an otherwise great WS year in 1979.

A Phillies Fan who Really Ejoyed the September Games Against Pittsburgh in the '70's

Aaron said...

Wheels is an IDIOT!!

"Casey Blake had a big homerun in game 4 of the NLCS last year that looked like it was gonna put the game of reach"


Dr. Steve said...

The Phillies do need a pitcher to replace Moyer. But Hamels, Happ, Bastardo, and Blanton are a solid 4-man rotation.

Dr. Steve said...


BloodStripes said...

Awesome work King Cole. Blank 'em. Pirates sweep the mutts and the Phils extend the lead. Its been a bloody good week.

Go PHILS!!!!