Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Liberation, Luck, & Leather

Free JC:
The day has finally arrived for JC Romero to be unleashed upon baseball. He’s been held up for the first 50 games of the season for a seemingly bogus banned substance suspension, but that’s all in the past now. With JC back in the bullpen, this means we have and second reliable reliever to handle the 7th/8th inning besides Madson. This liberation means the end of the “Romero Watch” graphic on the right sidebar after tonight’s game. Welcome back!

That Bastard:
The scouting report that the Phillies broadcast team provided for viewers last night had Antonio Bastardo’s fastball at 89-91 mph. Maybe it was adrenaline, but he was chucking it up there at 94-95 mph and looked solid through 6 innings, striking out 5 while allowing only 1 run. This successful debut, coupled with the fact that the Phils are thin in the rotation, has earned him at least another start or two. I'd love for him to continue being a lucky bastard and slot into the 5th spot in the rotation with a 4.25 era. Maybe then, Rube could forgo having to deal prospects for a rental starting pitcher.

Raul 4 MVP:
By hitting homeruns 18 and 19 last night, Raul Ibanez has surpassed both WSBGM’s aficionados’ season predictions. The homeruns were also #200 and #201 of his career, and he did it on his 37th birthday. Nobody could have predicted that Ibanez would be putting together this amazing of a season. His stats suggest MVP consideration- .340 avg, 1.115 OPS, 43 r, 13 dbl, 3 trpl, 19 hr, 51 rbi, 4 sb.

Dobbs Delivers:
Greg Dobbs was a pinch-hitting wonderboy last season, but has fallen on tough times to begin ’09. Over his last 7 games he’s been restoring faith in his ability to deliver going 3-8 with 5 r, 1 dbl, 2 hr, 3 rbi, and 3 bb.

The Howard:
The Howard was created to honor our stonehanded slugging 1st baseman, but astonishingly enough he’s flashed terrific leather this season and has yet to commit a Howard. In fact, the Phillies are the best fielding team in the majors with only 17 errors. However, we’ll continue to track this stat through the season, and be pleasantly surprised if Ryan remains off the list. By the way, last night there were 5 Howards committed (Derrek Lee, Jorge Posada, Josh Bard, Ben Zobrist, and Victor Martinez).

Winning Ways:
Not only did the Phillies win last night, all of their minor league affiliates also posted W’s. Records: Phillies (MLB) 30-20, Iron Pigs (AAA) 21-30, Phillies (AA) 28-22, Threshers (A+) 24-23, BlueClaws (A) 31-20.

JA Happ looks to keep his record spotless while helping secure the sweep of the Padres with 6'10" ex-Princeton center Chris Young opposing him. The Pirates attempt to keep their positive vibes vibing tonight against the Mets and make it 3 straight against them.



How do you spell retard? said...

You had me at that Motörhead photo.

I can't wait for the Lemmy movie.

GM-Carson said...

The Ace of Spades!

furiousBall said...

i say we incite a mob with pitchforks and torches to scare Chris Young away like Frankenstein.

How do you spell retard? said...


Ace of Spades < (We Are)the Road Crew

GM-Carson said...

I like their tribute song to the Ramones, appropriately titled Ramones.

Dr. Steve said...

FuriousBall that is an amazing idea. I'm down.

GM-Carson said...

WSBGM's does not promote violence, expect in the following cases: any time around Adam Eaton, in the presence of Mets fans, or being humped by a poodle, I hate thos f'n dogs!

Dr. Steve said...

Carson come on, what better way to get into the head of the opposing pitcher than making him feel like a monster?

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit, the Braves release Tom Glavine this afternoon then turn around and trade for Nate McLouth. The Pirates are stupid!

Anonymous said...

The Howard is one of my favorite stats to follow. Maybe you can rename it each year in "Honor" of the player who has done it most the year before.


Dr. Steve said...

I hope Shane is okay.

BloodStripes said...

"Eat the Rich"

We can't lose with JAH on our side.

Bob D said...

No Phillie has a Howard as of yet. That is because Howard and the whole team has been feilding good. Right now it looks as if Bruntlet maybe the first one to do so if he can hit one over the fence.

Welcome back JC, good return to pen.

I hope Bastardo and Happ can keep producing. But also watch out for Drabek as he may get pushed along towards the majors this year if the need arises. 7shutout innnings in AA debut.

The Mclouth trade for Atlanta could be huge. The Pirates should have gotten something a little better. Those prospects have some questions around them. Almost makes you wonder if any team in PA trades away stars for a bunch of crap. (see Abreu trade)