Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day Baseball

Happy Fathers Day! Grab a brew or five and a plate full of your favorite grilled meat, nestle up in front television, and kick back and watch some baseball. Phillies/Orioles @ 1:35 on WPHL and CW, Braves/Red Sox @ 1:35 on TBS, and Dodgers/Angels @ 8:05 on ESPN.

Sobering Side-Notes:
*Phillies pitching staff has given up 101 homeruns through 66 games (1.53 hr/gm). They're on pace to surrender 248 longballs. They allowed only 160 homeruns all of last season.

*The great caterpillar-eyebrowed wrist-tattooed Brett Myers is still 2nd in the majors with 17 homeruns allowed despite missing all of June.

*Phillies bullpen has blown 12 saves this season after only blowing 15 total in 2008.

*Today's starting pitcher Cole Hamels looks to go 7+ innings for only the 3rd time this season.

*The Orioles were 8-20 on the road entering the series.

*The Phillies are now 13-21 at home.

*Some happiness- Ryan Howard is a tremendous pinch hitter. Last night he sent his 5th career pinch hit into the Phils bullpen. Career pinch hitting #'s- 11 for 28 (.393 avg), 3 dbl, 5 hr, 8 r, 12 rbi, 1.400 OPS.

*2006 1st round pick Kyle Drabek is adjusting well to Double-A, pitching 8 shutout innings the other night and is now 7-1 with a 2.36 ERA between Reading and Clearwater.

*Reading outfielder Michael Taylor hit his 11th homerun of the season last night, and is batting .323/.939 with 43 runs and 46 rbi.

*2007 1st round pick Joe Savery is on quite a roll in Reading, winning last night's game to boost his record to 9-1 with a 3.24 ERA.

*Carlos Carrasco had a dismal start to the 2009 season, but has begun to turn things around lately by notching his 3rd win in June.



Corey said...

since the phillies suck right now, also consider this today:
- us open third round continues at noon.
- italy v. brazil in confederations cup at 2:00
- US v egypt in confederations cup (US already eliminated...) at 2:30
- the second episode of the second season of TrueBlood is on HBO at 9
- the family guy episode where stewie takes a bunch of steroids is also on a 9 tonight

GM-Carson said...

Can Stewie bat cleanup for the Phils?

Anonymous said...

Taylor's HR was a grand slam too!

Aaron said...

Thanks for fucking up fathers day douche bags. 4 hits off Gutherie is Fucking pathetic.

The Phillies are a shitty team and going no where this year. I don't care whose injured the fuckin suck.
The Rays will sweep them too.

Rollins is a waist of air.
Hamels came up small again.

Manual is a piece of shit cause he should have gone off on these guys several days ago.

Bottom line the phillies are LOSERS!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Phils certainly are playing the part of losers. I can't write them off though, because they've made me look foolish in seasons past. However, things are really bad right now, with no remedy in sight.

Andrew said...

sad sad game. pathetic display of bats. I was at the game so I didn't see if Rollins was safe in the play that got Manuel ejected. Was he?

Way to waste a 10 strikeout gem by Hamels. Again. Only good thing to say is the Mets are equally as shitty in interleague play.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, the Mets suck. But just think if the Phils were playing even mediocre right now, they could have a 7+ game lead on them by now.