Monday, June 22, 2009

Dead Headline

When Ryan Howard jacked his majestic 3-run pinch hit homerun to put the Phils ahead on Saturday night, I had the next day's headline ready to go- "From Hospital to Hero". Much to my dismay Ryan Madson came in and became the goat.

Things haven't been going too well in PhillieLand lately. With the way they're playing, it's hard to stay positive, but I offer these nuggets of joy: 1) Every team goes through bad stretches like this in a season, even championship seasons. 2) It sucks that Raul is out, but at least Mayberry, Stairs, and Dobbs are getting some much needed at bats. 3) Ryan Madson has sucked as closer, but this fits in perfectly with the return of Brad Lidge because fans actually want him back in that role now. 4) Jimmy Rollins is not a career altering slump, he's merely having a horrible 1st half like Pat Burrell (2007) and Ryan Howard (2008) had before going Yahtzee in the 2nd half. 5) Despite sucking at home and playing their worst baseball in recent history, the Phils still hold a 2 game lead in the NL East. Hope that offered some solace.



Dr. Steve said...

I'd be careful of J-Roll optimism. He's never hit like he should.

Who is the shortstop in the minors we have to replace him? And don't say Jason Donald, he's third base or bust.

GM-Carson said...

We have no MLB ready SS or anyone even close. The prospect SS are in Single-A and are mostly field no-hit developing guys.

J-Roll drives this offense, always has and still does. When he bounces back the Phils bounce back and still win this division.

GM-Carson said...

From ESPN-
Phillies slugger Ryan Howard could return to the lineup Tuesday at Tampa Bay after being hospitalized over the weekend with flu symptoms.


The team said on Monday that he has acute sinusitis.

Philadelphia general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement that Howard was resting at home and would rejoin the team for the three-game series if he felt well enough.

Howard missed Sunday's 2-1 loss to Baltimore, ending his consecutive games streak at 343. It was the longest active streak in the majors.

The 2006 NL MVP went to the hospital hours after Friday's game. He wasn't expected to play Saturday, but delivered a pinch-hit, three-run homer in Philadelphia's 6-5 loss to the Orioles.

Howard was hospitalized again Saturday and wasn't at the ballpark on Sunday.

GM-Carson said...

Todd Zolecki of the Zo Zone does an excellent post on the first 58 games compared to this historically horrific homestand.

Click here, click here, click here.

SirAlden said...

Don't worry. Be happy.

This team will be fine as the injuries heal.

We have what it takes to make
a trade as well for a Starter
who will then take Myers' payroll
slot next year.

If I was Myers' I would ask to
pitch for the Phillies next year
for free, and pitch out of the pen.

Aaron said...

no j-roll will not turn it around. this is how he hits now....shitty. he sucks and he is a big vagina.

Andrew said...

At least Beltran is going on the DL now.

GM-Carson said...

What kind of f'd up vaginas have you been looking at?

Andrew said...

Condrey to DL. Surprise.