Monday, June 29, 2009

Chasing Eaton - Part II

Fifteen starts into the season and Jamie Moyer is still a train wreck. We're keeping track of how this season compares to Adam Eaton's season of 2008. Here are the numbers so far.

Losses 8
ERA 5.80
WHIP 1.64
BAA .310

Losses 6
ERA 6.05
WHIP 1.51
BAA .309

Monday Poll
I have simple question today. Which Phillie would you most like to see get cut/released/sent down/shot/etc.? Your nominees are:
- Paul Bako - A third catcher so Coste can be our main RH PH? No thank you.
- Eric Bruntlett - Useless.
- Jack Taschner - Useless.
- Other - Write in votes accepted in the comment section.

Who Has To Go?

WSBGM's Fantasy Standings



GM-Carson said...

I voted Bruntlett, because he gets far too many at bats. If he were released we wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.

Bako is batting .333, albeit in only 3 at bats.

Taschner is likely demoted once Eyre/Condrey return.

Moyer may have 6 wins, but he should be the first to admit he doesn't deserve that many.

GM-Carson said...

Oh yeah, the Hoochie Cooches in 1st!

Joe said...

The trouble with Eaton, besides leading the league in suckage, was that he appeared to not care.

His body language and comments after games were never those of a guy killing his team and should be killing himself to do better.

You watch Moyer and you know he's giving everything he's got. It's just a shame there's nothing there.

The Phillies should have done something like the Red Sox/Tim Wakefield contract which is a series of one-year club options almost indefinitely. Moyer's woes are tough this year and his contract will be tough to eat next unless he turns things around.

Corey said...

yeah, i have to agree with joe's comments about eaton & moyer.

we'll never treat jamie moyer on this blog like we treated adam eaton. comparing moyer to eaton might even be a little much.

if moyer never turns it around and things end poorly, he'll still be a hero in this town for what he did for the team last year. eaton on the other hand, will always be the standard of suckiness that all other are compared too.

GM-Carson said...

I'm taking the comparison at face value, which to me is merely the numbers. If we take into account what Eaton and Moyer have each done for the Phils in the past, and their overall demeanor then it's an entirely different story.

GM-Carson said...

Damn, how can people want Bako gone more than Bruntlett? At least Bako isn't used and thus doesn't hurt the team as much as Bruntlett who is used and when used hurts the team.

Aaron said...

For anyone who was upset last year about what the phils gave up to get blanton.....
Josh Outman is about to have elbow surgery and Adrian Cardenas is hitting a buck 77 at AAA.

GM-Carson said...

I'm more upset that Outman is out for the year, because he helped the Hoochie Cooches out this fantasy season.

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