Tuesday, June 09, 2009

But I Thought Lidge Felt Fine

Maybe Brad Lidge's unsightly ERA and 6 blown saves aren't a "stuff" or "psyche" problem, but rather a physical problem. Yep, the lights have gone down on Lidge today as he was placed on the DL with a bum knee retroactive to June 7th. He continually assured everyone that he felt fine, but the injury report tells otherwise. Either way, the man needs a mental vacation, and the Phils need a break from his 9th inning meltdowns. Look for Ryan Madson to be the interim closer and for Scott Boras' mini-Mo in training prophecy to gain further legs.

Veteran backup catcher Paul Bako takes Lidge's roster spot. Phils need some bench help, but it's difficult to see how a soon-to-be 37 year old .231 hitter will offer any. This just proves how thin the Phillies are in terms of positional depth in the minors. Oh yeah, Bako Bits bats lefthanded too.

Phils with the clear upperhand in tonight's matchup with JA Happ going against some bozo for the Mets named Johan Satan-something-or-other.



LynnieMac said...

I came here to say exactly what you said with the title of this post. Well done.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks, I try.

GM-Carson said...

I do believe Charlie Manuel referred to Johan as "Juan" Santana before the game. And Juan is dominating.

Aaron said...

Well well well.....what an F'ing surprise....Lidge to the DL.

They should have done this weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!

Damn this team makes some dumb ass decisions sometimes

Aaron said...

Paul Bako? Really.
A 3rd Catcher whose left handed and can't hit.

Great Fucking move guys.....way to think it through.

Dr. Steve said...

Santana is obviously not a dominating pitcher.

But why did our bullpen suck?!

GM-Carson said...

Phils offense did a great job against Santana tonight. Condrey and Durbin did a piss poor job, and the Phils lose yet again to the Mets. I think they're 8-15 against the Mets since the beginning of 2008. That's bad.

Frank said...

Re: your comments about the bench.

You're right, outside of Stairs, the Phillies get little from the bench right now.

To me, that means they gotta try to get Dobbs going-- get him 12-15 at-bats over the next week and a half. Why not get him a start against weak RHP Redding?

He is their best chance for immediate bench contribution- they have to invest some time and at-bats to get him going.

Frank said...

as to adding the catcher who can't hit... I'm sure they are doing it in order to use Coste as a pinch hitter, rahter than saving him for emergency catcher purposes.

they are getting nothing from the current bats (outside of Stairs), so they are going to give Coste some at bats and a look at the first right handed option.

I think it is a worthwhile example. It is an existing roster option (always helpful) and Coste can hit. Maybe he just needs a couple dozen more consistent at-bats to get going. He wouldn't be the first bench guy just to need motre work to get going. I think it is worth a shot. You want to give Bruntlett more chance- or fewer?

Aaron said...

If Coste is our big right handed weapon off the bench.....that is not good.

Rather than get another catcher who can't hit so coste can pinch hit..........how about call someone up who can hit better than coste.......and yes we do have people like that. Cervanak hits 300 every year at AAA and for some reason the Phils won't call him up.

Aaron said...

If we are going to trade anyone from the minors for a starting pitcher i say get rid of Carasco. I know he's young and I know they say he has "Electric Stuff" but I have seen enough of him over the last couple years to see that his "electric stuff" doesn't result in him getting any electric outs.

Also the phils 2nd pick of the draft yesterday got them another outfielder who is an "Athlete".
The Phils need to stop drafting "Athletes" who strike out all the time. (See Greg Golson).
Start drafting baseball players not athletes. (See Matt Stairs and John Kruk)

Frank said...

Coste can't hit? That simply isn't true.

1. He's a career .280 hitter- outstanding for a reserve catcher.

2. His average is down this year... but his OBP for the year is still .341 (pretty darn good for a PH/spot catcher and above his career average- Brunlet is .227). The guy gets on base (walks 1 per every 7 at bats).

3. And his power number are right at his normal levels... how many back-up catchers project to hit 8 HRs and and 20+ doubles?

Rich Baxter said...

I'm not a 42 year old writing from my mother's basement.....

Thanks Raul... I think I just changed my glowing opinion of you