Friday, June 19, 2009

The Losing Continues

Allow me to tell it like it is- The Phillies absolutely suck right now! The can't hit, they can't field, they can't pitch, and they sure as hell can't win. The standings read that the Phils are in first place, but they're certainly not playing like that and won't remain there too much longer unless something changes. They are currently the punchline of an unfunny joke against the American League; they can't even beat the AL's worst road team. Everyone is talking about this being the Phils typical "June Swoon", but I'm tired of that played out bullshit.



GM-Carson said...

Every team experiences bad stretches like this over the course of a season, even championship seasons. Doesn't make it any more bearable or less infuriating.

LynnieMac said...

Clearly, this site needs some of that Golden Girl magic that was so effective earlier this year.

Dr. Steve said...

Bastardo did fine today. It's our bullpen that is in shambles.

Though if the Phillies hit better, maybe the bullpen would have more confidence.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark-
The Phillies are 23-9 on the road, a .719 winning percentage. But they're only 13-19 at home, a .406 winning percentage. In answer to e-mails from approximately 7.8 billion Philadelphians, the Elias Sports Bureau reports that no team in history has ever had a .700-plus winning percentage on the road and a sub-.500 winning percentage at home.