Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to the Norm

Very quietly Ryan Howard is steadily regressing back to the norm, which is a poor fielding, low average, strikeout prone slugger. He committed his 4th error of the season last night, and his 3rd in as many games. He's currently batting .256 with 19 homeruns and 81 strikeouts (pace- 50 HR/212 K). He's received so much praise for an improved effort at the plate and field, but I'm beginning to think that may have been premature wishful thinking. That stats don't lie.

Love 2 Hate:
Phillies fans love to hate whiny bawl baby pissy pants Scott Rolen and JD "Battery" Drew. Thing is, they love to hate us back. Rolen career against Phils- 35 gm, .331 avg, .852 OPS, 19 r, 11 dbl, 2 hr, 22 rbi. Drew career against Phils- 52 gm, .302 avg, .979 OPS, 33 r, 11 dbl, 3 trpl, 9 hr, 32 rbi. Maybe we should stop booing?

The bullpen is tired, really fricken tired. They've logged 31.1 innings over the past 6 games, and with Grand Pappy Moyer taking the hill for the Phils tonight their workload will certainly increase.



furiousBall said...

Condrey looked like he hurt himself going for that one ball up the middle

Corey said...

now that madson blew a save, does he have to go on the DL also?

Jay Ballz said...

Not a good show by Howard in the field lately. I thought he had turned it around too, for a while.

Bob D said...

I should have never posted about how Howard had the 2nd best fielding % in the NL just 4 days ago. He now has 3 errors in 3 games. Go figure you give the guy a pat on the back and this happens.

Now are we gonna get the next 2 games in or do we have rainouts facing us?

GM-Carson said...

Nah, Madson was just tired.

GM-Carson said...

Why is watching this team so painful and unfun sometimes?

GM-Carson said...

Scott Richmond is supposed to suck against lefties, yet he's mowing ours down.

Aaron said...

Nothing good happened in tonights game. Nothing.

I'm so damn tired of Scott Rolen and Rod Barajas kicking our ass in our own stadium.

This is the first game this year that I just turned off and walked away from right around the 6th inning.

The only good thing that happened today was everybody else in the division lost.