Friday, May 15, 2009

These Guys Suck!

When am I allowed to say Brad Lidge sucks? Because Brad Lidge sucks...oops. The 2009 version of Brad Lidge is horrible. I wouldn't trust him with a 5 run lead right now let alone a save situation. He's allowed a run in 5 straight games and has an era of 8.59 while allowing nearly 2 runners on base per inning (1.98 WHIP). He's lost all control of his fastball, which allows batters to zone in on his slider; meaning he's entirely too hittable right now to be a closer. I suggest a 15-day DL stint to give him the physical and mental break he obviously needs.

We have recently covered Jamie Moyer and Jimmy Rollins level of sucking, but a point that can not be made loud/clearly enough is the fact that our bench is handicapping us in late game situations. Matt Stairs is the only one who can hit. Dobbs will probably turn it around, because he's had success in the past. Eric Bruntlett and Miguel Cairo aren't only redundant of each other, but you'd be hard pressed to find a shittier combo in the majors right now; they're a combined 5-39 (.128 avg). If I were Charlie Manuel, I'd constantly in Rube's ear chirping to get me some f'n pinch hitters that might actually strike gold and get a hit.

Is suck too strong of a word? Perhaps if you're a brown-noser like Chris Wheeler or dislike unsugarcoated statements, but I think it's right on the mark for the way this team has played for the majority of this season. Still plenty of time to start playing smart solid fundamental baseball, but that doesn't mean I'll just let it pass without a good old fashioned badmouthing.

After yesterday's loss, Phils now back at .500 again with a lackluster record of 16-16. For as much hype as the Brick Cit House gets for being a "hitters park" the Phils apparently didn't get that memo because they're batting in the low .240's at home with a fan-unfriendly record of 8-12. On to the Nation's capital tonight to begin a 4 game set against the Washington Nationals. Despite previous Tale of the Tape I predict a split at best.



Bob D said...

In regards to yesterday's Moyer post remember that last year his April/May was pretty bad before he turned it around. If he can start to turn it all around here very soon he could provide us with a solid SP. Lidge doesn't need a DL stint but to pitch consistantly.
Agreed that Cairo needs to go as Bruntlet is probably a little better and can play more positions. What Cairo has done makes one wonder if Jenkins would be better despite he hits from the left side. Dobbs should turn things around, but he is getting alot less playing time since Feliz is playing solid this year.

I suggest cut Cairo, bring up Mayberry or Cervanik. demote Taschner and call up anyone of the AAA relievers that are doing good.

Rich Baxter said...

Don't lose the phaith!

The Phils will prevail, check out my post with the Phillies meeting Obama ....

baseballqueen said...

On behalf of GM-Carson:

True Leader- "I feel like guys are playing hard," Utley said. "Good teams find ways to win on a daily basis. I don't see us trying to do too much. I don't see us putting any pressure on ourselves."

Excuse Maker- "I think everybody expects to have a good start, but where you are is where you are," Ryan Howard said. "That's the present. I think everybody would rather be 16-16 than 8-16 or whatever, you know? We know we haven't been playing our best ball. We know we've been playing up and down. But we're in the middle of May, we're 16-16 and like a game out of first place. I think anybody would take that." And…"I think with this team, we don't really care what everybody else thinks," said Howard, asked if the team could be pressing following its World Series championship last season. "We just go out there and play, because people are going to say what they want to say, regardless of what we do. We've been in this situation before. It all matters where you are in September. I don't think anybody is worried."

furiousBall said...

starting pitching is going to start coming around (well, I think Cole and Bret are going to) and that should relieve the bullpen a bit.

I'd like to see Mayberry up here as a right handed bat option over Cairo at this point

Andrew said...

Cole's already there. I'm only worried about another freak injury, not him sucking.

Maybe Lidge needs the fake DL stint that others have had. But really I just think Manuel should keep playing him in non-save games and saving Madson, for now, for the real saves. When Lidge looks dominant again, put him back where he belongs. Unfortunately, Lidge has been here before (see 2006-2007 Astros) and I'm thinking his 3 year extension might have been a little much.

I'm getting a little concerned about Utley too. I'm sure he'll be fine, but he has a nice long hitless streak going. He does slump every once in a while, but when coming off an injury/surgery, you gotta have some concern. Hopefully he didn't aggravate anything and he's just not seeing the ball good.

Lets hope a trip to CBP south this weekend can help turn things around.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Are we aloud to boo yet? Or is that Campaign Cheer thing still going on? And yes, Brad Lidge does suck, and no, suck is not too strong. In fact, it may not be strong enough. At least he did get us that ring last year. Thank God for that.

Corey said...

I disagree with Carson's assessment of the quotes from Utley and Howard.

Utley may be a "true leader", but all he did in this example is use as many cliches as possible in four sentences. I'm surprised he didn't use the "110%" line. Positivity, cliched or not, is better than what guys like Billy Wagner would say at this point, though...

As for Howard, I don't think he made any excuses at all. Here is how I interpreted his quote: "We are where we are, and we'd like to have more wins, but we don't, but it's only May and we won't panic now, just like we didn't panic last year when we won the WFC."

That is isn't excuse making. That's reality.

And Brad Lidge needs to just stop and get some rest. DL, vacation to Aruba, whatever. He just shouldn't close games for awhile.

Andrew said...

I'm not convinced Lidge needs rest. Sometimes these guys need more playing time instead of less to get to where they should be. Maybe a short rest from the closer seat but maybe not a rest from pitching all together.

Jay Ballz said...

Bring on the Maddog to close games!!

GM-Carson said...

Sweeping or taking 3 outta 4 from the Gnats would make things look a whole lot better.

Lake Fred said...

Who's Cairo? He's actually on the team? At least he doesn't suck pitching...or does he?

GM-Carson said...

Like I said, I don't trust Lidge with a 5 run lead let alone a save situation. Another blown save for Lidge, 6 straight games he's allowed a run, and his era is now over 9 I believe. I don't know what to say, that's just pathetic.

Aaron said...

I hate it when i'm pissed off after a win!!!




GM-Carson said...

Aaron- I almost wrote a similar post to what you typed for this morning.

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