Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thank You, Chicago

Today is a great day. Not only is it Cinco de Mayo and I'm preparing to get lit on tequila and tacos, but the Chicago Cubs have promoted Bobby Scales to the Big Show.

Back in 2006 WSGBM's called all season long for Scales to be promoted from SWB to replace the inept No-Hit Nunez. Our calls fell on deaf ears and Scales never saw Philadelphia. To compound an error, he was later traded, which was devastating to the WSBGM's. We haven't forgotten Bobby though, and the news today brightens up an otherwise rainy day.

Good luck Bobby. WSBGM's is rooting for you.
Game Day
Phils win TotT 6-1. Phils win first game of series 6-1. Coincidence? Of course not. Never underestimate the power of the TotT.

I predicted series sweep and the numbers never lie, so Brett Myers better rub his lucky wrist tattoo a few extra times and bring his "A-game" to St. Louis.

Myers faces off against Adam Wainwright, who has similar numbers to Myers in terms of strikeouts, walks and WHIP. However, his ERA is a full two points lower than Brett's. It's a great example of how WHIP can be deceiving...if the biggest contribution to the stat are gopher balls (8 homers allowed by Myers, only 1 for Wainwright.)

Game time 8:15. Television via WPHL. Idiocy via Wheels. Grammar via Sarge. Don't eat too many tacos.



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