Sunday, May 03, 2009

I know I'm a day late on this since Chan Ho pitched on Friday, but I feel the strong need to point out that he sucks and shouldn't be in the rotation. Considering that he was battling with JA Happ for the spot, one would think he would be on a pretty short leash. But what does Fuqua say?

"I’m not ready to say Chan Ho Park isn’t going to get more starts. No, I’m not ready to say that. But we’ll talk about it."

Quit talking about it. Do it. Move Chan Ho to the 'pen.
Game Day
Speaking of shitty Phillies pitching, Joe Blanton takes the bump today. To be fair, Blanton has pitched two decent games (12 IP, 6 ER) but they were sandwhiched between two duds (8.1 IP, 13 ER). So which Joe Blanton will we see today? I say 5 innings and 5 earned...

John Maine has had a similar run this season, pitching well in two and laying eggs in the other. However, as Blanton is coming off a rough start, Maine held division leading Florida to a run over six his last time out.

On offense, Jimmy Rollins will continue his quest to hit .400 in May. He's currently batting .125 this month. For the Mets, Jose Reyes continues to act like an asshole.

Game time 1:35. Television by WPHL. Commentary by Wheels and Sarge.
No game. Rain.



furiousBall said...

Jose Reyes is to assholes as assholes are to assholes

LORENZO said...

What were they thinking? Moyer should be home on the sofa too. It is a mess. I saw your graphic and said, "may need to make room for Blanton after today." Then I read down further and saw you did mention him. They can never make it easy. St.Louis is going to be tough to beat on Monday!

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to leave Freddy Garcia out of your graphic?

Dr. Steve said...

This didn't show up on the RSS feed. I wonder why... BLOGGER!!!

Dr. Steve said...

Are we really trotting Blanton out? He better pick his game up or else. 8.47 ERA isn't comforting.

tamtam said...

good point, anonymous. how DID freddy garcia get passed over? the million-dollar win killed his major-league career

CHP said...


Just kidding - Chan Ho might be getting inspiration from reading your blog. Let's hope he pitches like this from here on out.