Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super-Sized Saturday

Longball Barrage:
4 homeruns for the Phils + 3 homeruns for the Yanks = 7 total. In yesterday's comment section I predicted 17 total homeruns for this 3 game series, but it appears I may have gone a little low. Hopefully Happ and Hamels can keep the ball in the park for the next two games, while the Phils hitters continue to drop bombs.

Yesterday I had "DH?" and today that question has been answered. Following last night's win, Sergio Escalona was optioned to the minors with big John Mayberry getting the call-up. With lefties Pettitte and Sabathia going Saturday and Sunday for the Yankees, it's believed Mayberry makes his debut at DH the next two games. How awesome would it be to hear Joe Buck choke on his words as he is forced to call a Mayberry homerun off the FOX darlings' Yankees in his 1st at bat?

Myers Roller Coaster Express:
I now openly admit I'm not a fan of Brett Myers, but while he's on the team I'll continue to root for him. Last night he pitched arguably the best start of a Phillies pitcher all season, going 8 innings allowing 3 runs with no walks. All the runs were on solo shots, upping his MLB leading total to 15 homeruns allowed. Currently he's right in line with his career norms with a 4.34 ERA (career 4.37) and 1.34 WHIP (career 1.36), so he's doing exactly what's expected of him.

*Scott Nestor was dropped from the 40-man roster.
*Clearwater Threshers outfielder Dominic Brown is batting .326/.983 with 27 r, 6 hr, 30 rbi, and 10 sb.
*His teammate, 2006 1st round pick Kyle Drabek, continues to mow batters down with 58 k's in 46.2 ip (2.51 ERA/1.18 WHIP).
*Reading Phillies outfielder Michael Taylor is batting .308/.933 with 20 r, 6 hr, 27 rbi, and 8 sb.
*His teammate, 2008 draft pick Vance Worley, had Ruben Amaro Jr. scouting his last start as he quickly becomes the buzz name in the organization. #'s- 3-2, 3.22 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 50.1 ip, 40 k, and only 9 bb.
*The "Free JC" movement is almost complete with 10 games to go. Romero is readying for his liberation and has pitched in 3 minor league games now.
*Lakewood BlueClaws outfielder Anthony Gose has ridiculous speed; swiping 26 bags in 38 games. If he could learn to coax more walks and become a slap hitter then future leadoff man he may be (only a .253 avg and .296 on base %).
*Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs catcher Lou Marson has been struggling since his demotion, now batting only .196/.572.
*His teammate, prized prospect Carlos Carrasco, has completely fallen apart and is now 0-5 on the season with a 6.31 ERA and 1.50 WHIP.
*Miguel Cairo is at Lehigh Valley.



Andrew said...

Poor Adam Eaton... It must suck knowing you'll be paid $9 million to sit at home and watch baseball on TV. Poor sap... not.

Jay Ballz said...

hahaha- eaton. I cheered when I saw that he was released on the ESPNews ticker at the bar last night. Great news!!

On the minors guys...I hope Drabek gets promoted in time for Reading's trip to Trenton next month, which I will be attending. And, Gose in Lakewood seems to be the offensive player the coaches are most confident can excell at higher levels.

Aaron said...

How about Happ and Mayberry Jr. today so far!

The two moves I really hated in spring training were keeping park and cairo and sticking Happ in the pen with park starting.
This is looooooooong overdue!! Big mistake by management which thankfully they have FINALLY Seen the light.

Andrew said...

what is up with Lidge?? I can only support him for so long based on his 2008 performance. such a gem of a game turned sour so quickly.

Aaron said...

What the fuck Lidge. Last year was last year. Madson should be our closer.

Corey said...


Dr. Steve said...

Lidge needs to go on the DL.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge got a HUGE extension, so he's the closer like it or not. And I like it NOT right now. He's horrible anymore. He can't locate his pitches. He's a walk and 2 run shot waiting to happen every game. Reminds me a lot of the Ryan Franklin's time here in Philly. Such a waste.

Dr. Steve said...

I know when Romero comes back Lidge will go on the DL - but is it worth losing games?

And we should probably suck it up and get into the Peavy trade talks. Don't trade any solid prospects, but he'd be nice.

GM-Carson said...

To get Peavy it will take 2-3 great prospects, not just solid.

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