Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Redemption & Strength

*Joe Blanton with 7 shutout innings, 11 k's, and the win after entering the game with a 7.11 ERA.
*Shane Victorino going 4-5 at the plate after being foolishly caught stealing in the 9th of yesterday's loss.
*Pedro Feliz upping his batting average to .308, rubbing it my face for thinking he was washed-up as a hitter (another errant preseason prediction).
*Brad Lidge picks up his 9th save on the season by striking out last night's douchebag hero Wes Helms.
*Phillies win 5-3, remain in 1st in the NL East with a record of 25-19.


Ryan Howard has strength according to MLB's new commercial in their "Beyond Baseball" series. Apparently Ryan learned to launch longballs from his mother or something like that.



Dr. Steve said...


furiousBall said...

durbin healthy?

Joey B looked great last night, hopefully he builds on this outing

baseballqueen said...

From GM-Carson:

With Tuesday night's win, Philadelphia is 20-4 (.833) when Jimmy Rollins scores a run and 5-15 (.250) when he does not.

Dr. Steve said...

I don't buy into that. The Phillies lose a lot of games by near shutout, so I'm willing to bet lots of players have similar stats for losing games when they don't score a run. J-Roll is also at the top of the order, so the odds that he gets across Home Plate are very high. May as well just say that the Phillies win more games when they score more runs.

Dr. Steve said...

Also, Howard's first error of the season last night!!! Will the prophecy come true?!

speener said...

It makes absolutely no sense for the phils to be as bad at home as they are. I agree with Uncle Charlie that things will balance out.

6 days until JC.

Mark Twain said...

Yeah, but where does the meat go?

GM-Carson said...

There's a saying "As Jimmy Rollins goes, so do the Phillies." Which means when he's rolling, the Phils are too; and when he's struggling, the Phils are too. It's a proven theory, therefore law, over his career.