Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phillies 2000-2009 Drafts

Since 2000 the Phillies have produced only 20 MLB players in their 9 years of drafting amateurs. With roughly 440 players drafted in that span, that means only 4% of them made it to the majors. It is a bit unfair to judge the 2007/2008 draft classes, and even 2006 to an extent, but that’s an awful amount of MLB talent any which way you look at it. No wonder the Phils had difficulty making impact trades in years past with a lackluster farm system like that.

Draft Year- MLB Players:
2008- 0
2007- 0
2006- 1 (Andrew Carpenter)
2005- 2 (Mike Zagurski and Joshua Outman)
2004- 5 (JA Happ, Lou Marson, Jason Jaramillo, Greg Golson, and Joe Bisenius)
2003- 2 (Michael Bourn and Kyle Kendrick)
2002- 4 (Cole Hamels, Zack Segovia, Bobby Korecky, and Scott Mathieson)
2001- 3 (Ryan Howard, Gavin Floyd, and Chris Roberson)
2000- 3 (Chase Utely, Taylor Buchholz, and Travis Chapman)

Utley, Howard, Hamels, Bourn, and Floyd are the only established players. Outman and Happ have experienced brief stints of success, but are still cementing their status as major leaguers. Kendrick is working in the minors on his secondary pitches with hopes of returning to the majors. He’s joined there by Mathieson who is attempting to regain his pre-injury form. Buchholz is recovering from arm surgery with Colorado. Segovia, Bisensius, and Roberson’s fleeting dreams of getting back to the bigs are becoming more distant by the day. Chapman is now out of baseball. Carpenter, Golson, and Korecky might just be Quad A players and nothing more. Marson is a legit catching prospect and Jaramillo is splitting time behind the plate in Pittsburgh.

News & Notes:

*Brett Myers has a bum hip, and that's bad.

*Jayson Stark did a nice article on Manuel's decision to stick with Moyer. Included in the piece are reports of Ruben Amaro Jr. sniffing out every possible starting pitcher that may hit the trade market.

*Harry Kalas is going to be inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame.

*Mets swept the Nationals, Phils now in 2nd place.



Dr. Steve said...

Yes, it is important to mention the Phillies pitching situation. I read a similar article, and there's some non-Peavy names on there that look to be very strong possibilities, aka hugely more salary dumps instead of money AND talent money dumps.

Also, the Phillies low numbers may be attributed to how they don't bring up players very often for fears of ruining them. A strong example is Corrasco, who the Phillies may have missed his peak years on if his current showing is any example.

GM-Carson said...

If Carrasco's peak years are gone already, that mean he was in his prime at 20-22 years old.

There should be more relief pitchers and role players/bench guys from the Phils farm system making it to the majors. Hopefully the current group of prospects will begin to turn the drafting fortune around.

GM-Carson said...

Zo Zone reporting DL likely for Myers with possible hip surgery needed. We're F'd in the A.

Andrew said...

yep, looks like Myers potentially pitched his last pitch in red pinstripes. sad actually. he always teased us on that rollercoaster ride of his.

who should they call up? Kendrick? Carpenter? Carrasco?

Trade for someone?

GM-Carson said...

Trade was forthcoming with or without this injury to Myers.

Temporary fix is installing Ho Park back into the rotation, although that doesn't really fix anything in my opinion.

Kendrick, Carpenter, or Rodrigo Lopez are candidates to fill the void short-term as well.

Let's go get Peavy!!!

Dr. Steve said...

I don't think Peavy is a good fit with the Phillies just for the risks involved, but there's a lot of above-average pitchers out there right now who are for trade.

And certainly better than who we have currently in the bottom of our rotation. Or at least better than poor Moyer.

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