Friday, May 08, 2009

Manny Being...David Bell?

I'm sure everyone with a television, computer or radio heard the news about Manny testing positive for PEDs. But their is a Phillies connection to this story that many of you may have forgotten.

Our lovable former third sacker David Bell was once accused in a Sports Illustrated article of receiving PEDs in the mail from a clinic in Arizona. The PED in question was HCG, the same substance Manny reportedly tested positive for.

Please refer back to a WSBGM's article from 2 years ago that outlines David Bell's necessity for HCG.

David Bell and Manny Ramirez - lovable characters, ferocious sluggers, and now testosterone raising hormone abusers.



Kevin McGuire said...

How could we forget about David Bell? Thanks for the memories...

Anonymous said...

You keep talking about manny beacuse you lost and cant talk about anything else. Beacuse you had to make fun of us at you pardae we can get a little revenge cant we ?? whaaaaaaaaa sweept ahahah. by the way victorino is a dirty player he should get suspended. Jose should have hit him back.

Aaron said...

Dear anonymous,
First of all your a big vagina for being anonymous.

2nd we are the World Fucking champions and your team is a Danny Heep of shit.

Have a nice day waxing your carrot while you stare at your Jessie Orosco poster from 1986.
1986 is long damn time ago by the way.

Anonymous said...

on second thought, maybe a two game sweep in May isn't revenge for monumental late season collapses in back-to-back years. maybe i'm just jealous that the mets are still behind the phillies in the standings. maybe i'm sick of watching the phillies parade their world series trophy around while i read "the bad guys won" for the twentieth." maybe i'm just a giant douche like every other mets fan. maybe.

Jay Ballz said...

ED pills- the best performance enhancers of them all....

G-Dogg said...

I want to comment on the "shane vicotrino is a dirty player...jose should have hit him back" nonsense that the no-name mets fan posted above.

the reality is, the phillies have hardnosed players that aren't afraid to roll the catcher, take a HBP, make contact with a defender in the basepath, etc. mets fans aren't used to that because they have a team full of pansies that lack the stones to play that way. don't believe me? ask the mets general manager omar minaya, who basically said as much last week.

when you have a team full of soft players, you get run over by players like victorino and utley, you blow nl east leads and you don't make the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

Screw the Mets and their fans.

I'm back bitches!

SirAlden said...

Hello everyone.

It would be really nice to have a
Starting Rotation.

How about we start Tonight.

Boy oh boy, have we been lucky
so far that it has not bitten us
in the ass. Good to have less
innings on Hamels, but it is time
to have a rotation.