Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy, Humble, & Hot

Happy Returns:
It appears we here at WSBGM's were right all along and JA Happ should have been in the starting rotation from the get-go. Thankfully the Phils brass realized the errors of their ways and rendered their mistake. Happ went 5.1 solid innings, and would have had a better line if not for Chad Durbin's inability to strand runners.

Humble Hamels:
Cole was unsatisfied with his 2 run 6 inning effort against the Yankees this past weekend, and vows to do better. That's a likely scenario against the Nationals, as he has a 0.39 ERA in his last 7 starts facing the club. He'll be opposed by surprising rookie Shairon Martis (5-0, 4.86 ERA).

Hot Prospects:
To land a pitcher like Jake Peavy or Erik Bedard, the Phils will have to send highly touted prospects to the Padres or Mariners. My favorite prospect, Reading outfielder Michael Taylor, is currently batting .342/1.006 with 27 r, 9 hr, 37 rbi, and 8 sb. I envision him taking over for Werth in 2011, but not if dealt. Another name sure to draw interest is Kyle Drabek, who just pitched a shutout last night and is now 4-1 on the season with a 2.48 ERA over 61.2 ip with 74 k.



furiousBall said...

I farted my arms off this morning.

GreggyD said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love that Howard does not have a "Howard" yet this season?

Alright so who do we want? Peavy? Oswalt? Bedard? Halladay? Webb?

The last two seem to be the most unlikely to me but their names have come up in conversation around the web. I think we will find out quickly if Peavy is in the mix with the Fightins heading to San Diego in the near future. However, we all know how willing Ed Wade has been to send talent this way from Houston which would mean Oswalt is an option. Personally, I think Bedard is a crap shoot compared to the other two and isn't even worth a look.

No matter what, I think that Drabek and Bastardo are the main untouchables right now. Carrasco has been less than stellar in Lehigh.

SirAlden said...

Just remember, if we trade with San Diego. Whatever pitcher we trade will do just fine in their huge ballpark, and everyone on Beer Leaguer will cry and moan and cry and moan how stupid the Philly Front Office is.

Remember Justin Germano? He is now playing in Japan. Anyone remember the moans and growns about trading him away?

GM-Carson said...

Rube said recently that the Phils will only target 1 starting pitcher and it will be a very good one. I'd love Halladay, but it ain't happenin'. 4 lefties in the rotation would be a bit overkill, which would be the case with Bedard.

Go for Peavy, and let that me that.

There shouldn't be any "untouchables" in the minors if we're talking top tier starting pitcher for multiple seasons (ex- Peavy), but if it's just a rental (ex- Bedard) then it's not worth selling out.

Aaron said...

How long before the Antonio Bastardo fan club emerges somewhere in the stratasphere of the 3rd deck in Right field?
And what will they call themselves?
A. Antonio's Bastardo's
B. Bastardo's Bastards
C. Bastardo's Restardo's

I personally hope it's C.

Burton said...

Good call with Happ. It is about time the Phils staff listened. Hey, you should be a GM or something.

SirAlden said...

Bastardo's Bastardoes.

GM-Carson said...

How about "We R Bastardos"?

What the hell happened to ace Hamels? He's been very un-ace like this season.

Eric Chase said...

Regarding Halladay, remember that he's not even a free agent until AFTER the 2010 season.

If the suddenly mortal BJays decided to open up the bidding, it might start something like this: Carrasco, Victorino, Taylor and Drabek/Knapp/Worley

He's as money as anyone in the game, bu no one's worth a ransom like that. Especially when he could bolt out of town in 2011.

And remember, it's possible but unlikely that four fifths of the current rotation may not make it to October baseball. Don't be sucked in by a solid couple of starts by Moyr, Blanton, and Happ. They all have their limitations.

So deal the position prospects, but let the pitching maturate, as those are the eventual replacements for Moyer and Blanton.