Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GM'll Fix It

The name of this website is We Should Be GM’s, so I’m going to play GM today and fix some of the Phillies problems.

1st- release Miguel Cairo. We’ll quickly find out he’s unwanted by the other 29 MLB teams, much like the unemployed Geoff Jenkins. I’m confident/comfortable saying that Cairo is currently one of the worst players in the majors, bottom 5 easily. Call up Lehigh Valley Iron Pig righthanded batter Mike Cervenak. Cervenak had 13 at bats last season with the Phils, and is currently batting .316 with 22 rbi and a .824 OPS at Triple A. Lifetime minor league line of .297/.814 with 151 homeruns. He can play 1st and 3rd base, but more importantly offers a bigger threat at the plate than Cairo. Jason Donald and John Mayberry Jr. still appear to need further minor league seasoning before their debuts.

2nd- demote Chan Ho Park to the bullpen. Aside from his 6 inning gem against the Mets last week and last night's start against the Dodgers, he’s been absolutely horrible. He hasn’t been an effective starting pitcher for nearly a decade, but just as recently as last season was very good in relief. Until JC Romero returns from suspension, he could pitch 7th inning setup along with Chad Durbin and Clay Condrey. JA Happ has pitched well out of the bullpen this year, but his value is in the rotation. He’s 26 years old, and could become a reliable member of the starting staff for the next few years (Myers, Blanton, and Moyer are on borrowed time).

3rd- drop J-Roll. Corey covered this subject well yesterday, and I agree that right now he needs to be down in the lineup because he’s absolutely killing the offensive attack from the leadoff spot.

4th- option Jack Taschner to the minors. Taschner was an unneeded addition to the bullpen. Amaro was correct in thinking the Phils needed another reliever; it simply just shouldn’t have been Trashner. Mike Koplove is doing an excellent job for the Lil Piggies with a 0.55 era through 16.1 ip with 19 k, plus he’s a hometown boy...give him a chance.

5th- DL Brad Lidge. Lidge is awful right now. If it weren’t for his perfect season in ’08, fans would be calling for his head. Luckily, the Phils haven’t had many save opportunities for Lidge to blow this season. However, if they do happen to get themselves into some tight games late, trusting Lidge would be foolish at this time. Give him 15 days to “get right” and promote Ryan Madson to interim closer and call up Tyler Walker from Triple A where he’s been “lights out” with a 0.00 era through 11 ip. Other possible replacements- Kyle Kendrick, Mike Zagurski, and Gary Majewski.

These are only minor changes. Bottom line, starting pitchers need to give the team a chance, Manuel needs to properly mix-n-match bullpen match-ups and allow starters to extend beyond the 100 pitch count if they're going strong (ex- Myers on Sunday), and Amaro needs to find a quality reliever and righthanded bench player on the trade market.

*Written prior to Manuel dropping Jimmy to 5th in the lineup, Park pitching 6 decent innings, and Lidge locking down a shaky save.



furiousBall said...

I agree with all of these, especially DLing Lidge and dropping J-Roll down to 5-6

Kevin McGuire said...

Moving Rollins down in the lineup seemed to benefit the team last night. Let's see if he continues to produce over the next few games though. He still only got one hit.

Mike said...

Agree on all of these. Cervenak is a better choice for a bench role than Mayberry, Jr., who needs to play every day.
Don't think Taschner has any options left, and might be lost on waivers, but that wouldn't be much of a loss.
Tyler Walker is on the DL with a hamstring issue, but Koplove and Majewski can replace Taschner and Lidge on the roster.
(Kendrick hasn't been pitching well lately, and Zagurski has only 5 IP in AA.)
Lidge needs to rest his knee for a few weeks.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I agree virtually across the board, although I have two things myself. First, at this point, Coste has nothing left in the tank. Just doesn't. Lou Marson should be up and getting a chance to unseat Ruiz, who can't hit.

As far as Cervanek, yeah, he's better than Cairo. I'd like to see the Phils get a power righthanded bat though off the bench. Where? Not sure, but something they need.

Frank said...

I'm inclined to leave Park in the rotation- particularly after last night.

You have the Happ trump card- but I sense you are going to have to play it out of necessity at some point. Surplus starting pitching never lasts- and Happ is available instantly to bolster or replace.

And it is not like Happ is wasted right now. Good long relief, with this offense, can help the Phillies steal a few. He's filling a role very well- so why rush? 162 games gives one the luxury of time.

Jay Ballz said...

I approve of most of the moves on this list.

I'm not as aggressively hating Park as I was after that home Mets game, because he's redeemed a bit and "made adjustments". So, I do not think he should lose the role at this time.

Koplove & Walker would both be welcome over Jack "Trashcan" any day (or as soon as possible, please).

Sean said...

Cairo does need to go. Cervenek is not an option I would go at all. I'd call up Mayberry. He's 25 years old and doesn't have much more room for development. We have to accept that he'll be no better than the right-handed side of a platoon. He kills LHP and that's what we need on our bench right now.

While I like Happ, you have to give Chan Ho a couple more starts based on what he's done lately.

I don't see Koplove's role in this bullpen. He is horrible against LHB and walks far too many people. Tyler Walker would be the best option if he were healthy. Majewski is also a slightly better option. Let's just say that I can't wait to get JC back.

GM-Carson said...

The sooner JC gets back the better, but no matter what, that's still 20 games away.

Corey suggested calling up Carrasco a couple weeks ago, but he's getting shelled in Triple A, with a 6+ era right now.

GM-Carson said...

Maybe it's Moyer that needs replaced in the rotation.

In all seriousness, Moyer has been awful. Start to wonder if he has what it takes to get batters out anymore. I love Grand Pappy Moyer and deeply appreciate everything he's done for this club over the years, but it might be time for retirement. Not trying to be harsh, just realistic.

Dr. Steve said...

Anyone else notice the Phillies Batters' stats have gone back to normal? Instead of a baseball diamond representing each inning with "PO5" or "HR" or something, it's back to plain English and 1-4's and all the stuff we're used to.

I'm happy.

furiousBall said...

i have another theory to fix J-Roll's slump, perhaps if he adopted an intimidating stance like my daughteryou don't come in high and tight to anyone wearing a barbie nightie... no way

MSK said...

I agree with every single statement.

Lake Fred said...

Best post in recent memory. Chan Ho Park is less of a concern than the Geezer and the Bulldog twins. I agree with everything else.

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