Sunday, May 31, 2009

Get Your Credit Cards Ready

On Tuesday, the much anticipated arrival of Antonio Bastardo will finally happen. With Brett Myers out for the foreseeable future, the Phils need someone to take his spot in the rotation, and that spot is being bequeathed to our favorite Bastardo. His name alone is going to sell jerseys. This ranks up there with Rusty Kuntz, Pete LaCock, and Billy McCool. '09 #'s: 3-2, 1.89 ERA, 2 sv, 47.2 ip, 51 k, .194 average against.

What the hell is up with Cole Hamels? A 5.21 ERA and .301 average against from our staff ace is unacceptable at this point in the season. With the rotation in fluctuation, we need him to step up and pitch like he's capable of.

Maybe the 6th time is a charm for Grand Pappy Moyer as he scales the mound today in the series finale against the Nationals in search of his seemingly illusive 250th career win.

Grand Slam!
Ryan Howard's grand slam yesterday, 3rd of the season and 8th of his career, moved him into sole possession of 1st place all-time in the category in Phillies history. Man he passed- the immortal Michael Jack Schmidt.



Rich Baxter said...

Jamie going for win 250 today if the rain stops that is!

What if Bastardo comes in and goes 15-0 the rest of the way for the Phils ... it could happen.

See my Moyer post:

Dr. Steve said...

Well here's the question - is Taylor more valuable to us than Werth? Or is he necessary for some of the more salary dump pitchers. I'd be very wary of trading away true talent.

How does Taylor stack up against John Mayberry Jr? Ibanez has two years left, and Victorino is going to be a long-time Philly. Werth is who I have my doubts about. If we don't need both of them, the worse one can get traded if necessary. But, unless we grab Peavy, it shouldn't be. No one here is of any spectacular talent that it'd require impact players. I sure as hell don't want to see another Gavin Floyd get traded for Freddie Garcia.

(From two days ago)

GM-Carson said...

Taylor is only in Double A, and although I love his potential, that truly is all he has at this time. Werth is a proven commodity and therefore has more value to the club at this time. Trading Taylor for a 1/2 season rental would be foolish, but trading him for someone who will be around a couple seasons is an altogether different matter.

furiousBall said...

did Ryan third deck blast land yet?

GM-Carson said...

Moyer with the quality start, thank God.

Bob D said...

Congrats Moyer.

I hope and raise my Mike's Hard Raspberry Lemonade in a toast to Bastardo's start this week. I hope he will provide a solid starter the rest of the way thru the season so that all of tis trade talk goes away and we can keep these great prospects.

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