Thursday, May 14, 2009

The End of Moyer?

Through seven starts, Moyer is 3-3, but he's sporting an 8.15 ERA, 1.84 WHIP.

It's getting to the point where somebody needs to start asking the tough questions about Moyer's place in the rotation. [Not us, because we can't get a press pass...]

No other pitcher, except possibly Cole Hamels, would be able to sustain this kind of failure. Brett Myers had a stint in the minors. Adam Eaton was given his walking papers. I understand the circumstances are vastly different with Moyer, but one thing is the same in all of these cases, ineffective pitching.

And thought of replacing Moyer for even just a start or two? Apparently not yet. Manuel said after last night's game, "I don't see how he can get right sitting."

Moyer, because of his experience and overall track record, deserves and is going to get a much longer leash than Myers or Eaton or even Blanton if he continues to struggle. But all leashes eventually run out of slack. Moreover, one of his perceived assets (age) may be the reason he needs to be replaced. Another start or two like the previous and it may be time look at Moyer as an old 40-something pitcher who just can't do it anymore.
Opp  Score   IP    H   R
LAD L 2-9 4.1 8 7
NYM L 5-7 2.1 7 7
NYM W 6-5 5.2 7 5
FLA W 13-2 6.0 7 1
MIL W 11-4 6.0 7 4
WAS W 9-8 6.0 8 4
ATL L 0-4 5.0 8 4



Josh said...

I have a feeling that the Phils will give Moyer every chance to right himself after they gave him the 2 year/$14 million dollar extension this offseason. It would be quite embarrasing if they were forced to go the Adam Eaton/Geoff Jenkins route with Moyer.


furiousBall said...

maybe there is an injury we don't know about, I think he's probably going to get himself right. he has waaaaaay too long a track record to expect otherwise. but who knows maybe he is done

Corey said...

i agree. but don't forget about his bonus and upgrades:

performance bonuses: $0.25M each for 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 IP
2010 salary increases by:
* $0.25M for 150 IP, 23 starts
* $0.5M each for 160, 170, 180, 190 IP and 25, 27, 29, 31 starts

if they let him go too long, it will end up costing them a lot more for next year then if they pull the trigger early.

[info from Cot's Contract website.]

Kevin McGuire said...

Hopefully Moyer gets things turned around sans the walker.

Dr. Steve said...

Rollins is in the leadoff spot... AND got a double?!

Dr. Steve said...

Rollins is a homerun away from a Howard. (He did strike out, right?)

Dr. Steve said...


GM-Carson said...

Nearly every game I see or hear of Ryan Howard making a good defensive play. It's hard to imagine that's the same 1st baseman from last season in regards to the leather.

GM-Carson said...

When am I allowed to say Brad Lidge sucks? Because he absolutely sucks this season.

GM-Carson said...

If not for another Lidge run, Phils would be walking off victorious. F'n Lidge!

GM-Carson said...

Bruntlett as a pinch-hitting option is pointless, and so is Miguel Cairo for that matter. They have about as much chance of getting a hit as a pitcher. Bench is killing the Phils.

Aaron said...

Rollins sucks - i can't stand to watch him not run out one more weak grounder to 2nd base.

Lidge sucks probably because he's hurt and shoul have gone on the DL and probably will eventually.

The Phillies are exactly what their record says they are....average.