Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brad Lidge Pisses Me Off

Take a look around Major League Baseball and you will not find another closer as bad as Brad Lidge. Why? If they were as bad as Brad Lidge they still wouldn't be the closer. However, the Phils are saddled with a 3 year $37.5M contract so there's no way in Hell that they'll demote him. This means we'll continue to see Charlie Manuel send him to the mound in the 9th of every close game, which in turn means we'll continue to see many blown saves. This is unacceptable in my eyes, so cue Metallica...

Cole Hamels vs. CC Sabathia at 1:05 in the series deciding game. With 11 homeruns launched so far, the teams need 6 today to match the total I predicted for the 3 game set. Here's to hoping CC guides some fastballs right into some of the Phils wheelhouses.

Ken Rosenthal reports the Phillies are looking for a starting pitcher or two, with the names of Jake Peavy, Jarrod Washburn, Roy Oswalt, and Erik Bedard being floated around. I see every one of them taking 2-3 top notch prospect to land, except for Washburn. Not sure exactly where they would start, because it appears Happ might just be the Phils 3rd best starter right now behind Hamels and Myers. Doubtful they bump Blanton from the rotation. Maybe they can convince Moyer to retire. Who knows?



GM-Carson said...

The Free JC movement is now in single digits.

Dan Uggla committed his 2nd Howard yesterday.

furiousBall said...

Lidge to DL, Madson to close

GM-Carson said...

According to Lidge he feels fine. Too bad he pitches like shit.

Corey said...

i will oppose any trade that sees Donald Duck leave the Phils.

GM-Carson said...

Depends, if Donald Duck could net us Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck then I'm down!

Anonymous said...

"brad lidge pisses me off"

yea, we know and so does jimmy. he was talking about your kind on tv last yr.

Aaron said...

show yourself anonymous!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

I expect a great game today. Cole will outpitch CC and then Lidge will blow a 2-1 lead in the 9th.

Andrew said...

kind of sad that Lidge has worse stats than Hanrahan on the Nats who seems to blow every save he gets.

Aaron said...

see my comment almost nostra frekin domus.

what ever lidge needs to work out, he needs to do it in some other inning. free jc!!!!! we need him bad.

oh yeah, 1 more thing...

LynnieMac said...

Trade Donald Duck for Mickey Mouse and Scrooge MacDuck, then turn around and trade them both with Chan Ho Park for Bugs Bunny.

The rabbit can play every position and he has power to all fields.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not trying to be funny in the least when I say Brade Lidge sucks. Am I a frontrunner. F' no! I'm just telling it like it is, and he's f'n horrible.

Jeremy said...

I am not in the mood to comment on basbeall but I must say that Metallica is the greastest of all time and that song is one of their best.

GM-Carson said...

I love how people keep making excuses for Lidge. The bottom line is that if he were not locked into a ridiculous contract there's not chance he'd still be closing. He's awful right now. His control is nonexistent, he can't hold runners on 1st base, he's entirely too hittable, and he's causing more harm that good right now.

Andrew said...

damn lidge. but a win is a win.

Howard for Adam Jones

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