Saturday, May 16, 2009

Attack of the Two-Headed Monsters

Day/Night double header today. Game 1- Myers vs. Olsen. Game 2- Carpenter vs. Cabrera.

Goodbye Miguel Cairo; Hello Andrew Carpenter. Due to "Lights On" Lidge's meltdown last night, JA Happ was forced into action in extra innings and will not be able to make the start in the double header today. Therefore, the worthless futility infielder Cairo was sent down shit creek without a paddle, while Carpenter was called up for the start. Carpenter's 2009 #'s- 6 gs, 34.1 ip, 1-0 record, and a 4.72 era. I imagine following his appearance, good or bad, Andrew be sent back down to Triple A with either Mike Cervenak (.324 avg, .824 OPS, 23 rbi) or John Mayberry (.277 avg, .922 OPS, 8 hr, 25 rbi) being called up for bench help.

Stat Attack:
*Brad Lidge has allowed a run in 6 straight outings. Last 6 appearances- 6 ip, 9 r, 11 h, 5 bb, and 2 hr.

*Carlos Ruiz (10:3) and Pedro Feliz (15:14) have each walked more than struck out this season.

*The bottom of the lineup's combined #'s (Ibanez/Feliz/Ruiz)- 91-280 (.325), 20 dbl, 12 hr, 42 r, 53 rbi. Top of the lineup's combined #'s (Rollins/Victorino/Utley)- 95-398 (.239), 15 dbl, 16 hr, 68 r, 54 rbi.

*Chase Utley has no hits in his last 18 at bats and is 3-33 (.091) over the last week or so.

*Ryan Howard's homerun last night was his only hit in his last 17 at bats (.059) and he's struck out 10 times in that span.



furiousBall said...

whatever Feliz has changed at the plate this year is working

GM-Carson said...

I thought Feliz would be even worse this season than last, but so far, so wrong.

Andrew said...

One more thing about Lidge: He is almost single handedly destroying both of my fantasy teams.


Chris said...

Last night still kind of felt like a loss. Carson I am mailing the bobblehead Monday.

Aaron said...

Carpenter????.....huh? his last two outings at AAA have sucked

why not kendrick?

Aaron said...

why did Charlie bring Madson in the 8th inning of an 8-2 game when they are playing a double header??

What if we really need him in game 2?

Think Charlie F'ing think!

GM-Carson said...

Seems that Jimy Williams may have been a lot of Manuel's brains last season. 1 win down 1 to go, or 2 wins down, 2 to go. Either way, sweet.

Dr. Steve said...

Why is Stairs in?

GM-Carson said...

Raul Ibanez- free agent signing of the year.

Aaron said...


Aaron said...

Rain shortened W!!!!!! Sweet.....double header sweep!!!!! And it saves our bullpen from thorwing more innings!

GM-Carson said...

Usually I hate rain delays, but in this case it was nice since it lead to he shortened game. Carpenter wasn't great, but he was good enough.