Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Win by Design

Last night was a beautiful 11-4 victory. In my opinion it was the first complete all-around game of the season. Jamie Moyer pitched like we expect him to, the offense contributed a sufficient amount of runs, defense and base running were solid, and the bullpen did their job. Damn, it sure is nice to watch a team perform like they're designed to.

For the most part, the offense has been clicking this season. J-Roll and Vic are off to sluggish starts, but the rest are performing at (Werth) or above (Howard, Utley, Feliz, Ibanez) expectations. It's the pitching staff that has the Phils deadlocked at .500-land (6-6 record), but Hamels (11.17), Blanton (9.00), Durbin (8.44), Madson (6.00), and Lidge (9.45) are not as bad as they've pitched so far, so that area of concern should improve.

The Howard:
If you take the time to look up at the righthand sidebar you'll see "The Howard" tracker void of Ryan Howard or any other Phillie. The reason for that, the Phils as a team have struckout a MLB low 63 times, and committed a MLB low 3 errors. Howard is still striking out a ton (15 k's in 12 games), but he's only hit 2 homeruns and has performed unexpectedly well in the field thus far.

Yeah Pittsburgh!
Don't look now, but the Pirates have the second best pitching staff in the Majors in terms of earned run average at 3.00. They also have a winning record at 8-6. Their past two wins have come against the early season powerhouse Florida Marlins. Do I expect this success to last all season? Uh, no. But if it does, I owe my buddy a case of beer of his choice (if they have a winning record come season's end).



GM-Carson said...

Prospect Updates:
*Iron Pig Carlos Carrasco has started 3 games this season, pitching 19 inning with 20 k's, a 2.37 era, and only 15 baserunners allowed.

*Single A pitcher Jason Knapp strukout 14 batters yesterday over 7 shutout innings. Now with 30 k's ove 18.1 ip with a 1.96 era.

*Everyone's favorite bastard Antonio Bastard is pitching in relief this year and has a win, 2 saves, and a 1.23 era.

*Kyle Drabek is now 3-0 on the year with 26 k's over 18.2 ip with a 0.96 era.

The Phils have some serious pitching talent on the way.

GM-Carson said...

According to Andy Martino of the Philadelphia Daily News, the Phillies signed David Newhan as a player-coach for their Triple A club. Newhan was released by the Astros on March 29th given their desire for a bench player who could play shortstop. The 35 year-old hit .260/.297/.404 in 111 plate appearances last year for Houston.

*More Triple A filler.

dr. steve said...

The Romero watch is getting so small!! But I love that picture I am going to miss it when it is gone.

Also 15 base runners for Carassco wtf.

GM-Carson said...

15 baserunners allowed in 19 innings is awesome, that's a whip (walks/hits per inning) lower than 1.00. Anything 1.25 and below is very good.

LwrSLwrFan said...

The Pirates are bringing the Fish back to earth!

"Hard to believe, Harry"

Chris said...

I hope Maholm can throw a complete game shutout against the Fish tonight like he did to the Phils last year. Did anyone see Daniel Murphy failing all over himself in elft field alst night for the Mets? Hilarity ensued...

GM-Carson said...

Daniel Murphy sucks at fielding, but the kid can hit (unfortunately for us).

Better yet is Ollie Perez not being able to find the strikezone, something like 13 walks in 15 innings. The Mets were stupid for giving him big years and big money.

Corey said...

all wins are good, and the game last night was very enjoyable to watch. however, i wouldn't call it the "first complete all around game of the year," only b/c moyer did not have a great game (4 runs in 6 innings, and he's given up 4 runs in every game, including last night) and the phils benefitted from 9 milwaukee walks and 2 runs from a wild pitch/error sequence. the phils smacked the ball around, didn't commit and error and played better than the brewers, but until they hit, field, AND get a quality start from the rotation, i wouldn't classify at it as a "complete game."

speaking of quality start, have the phils gotten one this year?

GM-Carson said...

Although the 4th run given up by Moyer counts all the same, it wasn't him who allowed it, and it came hours after he put the man on base (rain delay). If Manuel would have pulled him after 6 instead of having him start the 7th, it would have been a quality start. And 4 runs over 6 innings is what I expect from Moyer. It's not great, but with the Phils offense it'll get the job done more time than not.

Corey said...

that makes no sense.

the run was given up by him. he wasn't technically on the mound, but who cares about that. he left with two on and no out and given the percentage of runners that score from second with zero outs, his line is a fair and accurate description of his performance.

as for the run scoring hours after he left the game, i do not believe there is a statute of limitations on earned runs.

sure, if manuel pulled him after the sixth he would have had a QS. of course, if manuel would have pulled him after the fifth he wouldn't. fact is, he didn't and he gave up 4 earned in six innings.

moyer hasn't pitched a game where he's gone longer than six innings or given up less than 4 earned, meaning he doesn't have a single "game ERA" under 6. granted, it's a small sample size, but my point is that if this is the expected performance, then we aren't expecting too much. last season moyer gave up 4 or more earned runs only 7 times. he's almost half way there after only three starts.

i'll agree that he's consistent. but only consistently bad to mediocre. if moyer pitches like he is now all season, i don't think anyone will be happy.

GM-Carson said...

Last night I was pleased with Moyer's outing. He only missed with a few pitches, and the only player that really made him pay was Ryan Braun. I think/know Moyer can do better, but because he was hitting his spots almost all night I see it as a step in the right direction. I understand it's not a quality start, but this is a case where he pitched better than his line suggests in my opinion.

GM-Carson said...

By "complete game" I did not mean "perfect game".

Corey said...

you're description of moyer's performance sounds similar to some of adam eaton's quotes last year when he would talk about how good he felt and that he was happy with his performance...despite getting knocked out in the third or fourth inning.

i guess we'll have to disagree on whether 6 innings and 4 earned is a good pitching performance.

or course, if that pitching performance is deemed to be quality or "complete", what separates last night's game from their "incomplete" performances, like their 8-4 win in colorado or their 5-4 win in the previous game?

i think the consistently bad pitching has lowered your expectations.

GM-Carson said...

I'm simply looking at the first 6 innings of Moyer's night, where he allowed 3 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk. I know the batters he faced in the 7th inning can't be magically erased, but he was pretty decent through the first 6, and that's the point I'm trying to make. I'm not trying to sell it as cream of the crop or even the best that we should expect. I was trying to be positive after a fairly sucky start to the season, thanks for the rain on my parade.

Norm said...

You two are so negative sometimes. Maybe I'm wrong, but the Phillies did win last night.

Bob D said...

Corey, to answer your question earlier, Yes Blanton has had the only Quality Start for the Phils.

Bob D said...

Now the Pirates have had many QS with what 4 shutouts already???

GM-Carson said...

Pirates swept the Marlins, beating them 7-4 today.

GM-Carson said...

Nick Green with a Howard in BoSox/Twins first game today. I'll register it tomorrow.

Mike said...

Didn't Myers have a QS against the Padres, on Saturday, before Lidge's blown save?

GM-Carson said...

Blanton with another quality start, but the offensive is nonexistent. They'll have 3 innings against the Brewers bullpen though, so hopefully they can make something happen. Umpire gave Looper some questionable pitches while squeezing Blanton on similar pitches, Sarge even called him out on it.

Aaron said...

That's 13 games and counting the Phils have given up at least 1 homer. Seriously........that crap needs to stop.

Miserable offensive game tonight for the Phils. God bless the Buccos.

FREE JC!!!!!

BloodStripes said...

Good to see the young Iron Pigs kickin' freckle. We're gonna need 'em.

Adam LaRoche hitting over .300 and the Pirates are winning.