Friday, April 17, 2009

Tale Of The Tape - San Diego

The Phils open up a weekend series with the Padres tonight. Who has the edge? Let the "Tale of the Tape" answer that...

Sunday Trip
San Diego - To Tijuana for a donkey show.
Philly - Across the Ticony-Palmyra bridge to buy beer.
Advantage - Philly. Donkey shows are great, but you're at risk of getting shot or catching hepatitis every time you cross the border. In Jersey, only your hepatitis risk increases.

Whale Watching
San Diego - Either by charter boat or at Sea World.
Philly - The NovaCare Complex, The Linc, Ishkabibble's or any other spot frequented by Andy Reid.
Advantage - San Diego.

Best Afro
San Diego - Oscar Gamble. He only played one year in the Padres outfield, but that 'fro made an impression.
Philly - Bake McBride.
Advantage - Push. There are no losers in the land of the 'fro.

For The Kids
San Diego - Legoland.
Philly - Sesame Place.
Advantage - Philly. I'm a big fan of Legos, but the kids love Elmo.

Baseball Mascot
San Diego - The Chicken.
Philly - The Phanatic.
Advantage - Philly. Best. Mascot. Ever. Don't believe me? It's been voted on.

Annual Assembly of Losers
San Diego - Comic-Con.
Philly - The Eagles.
Advantage - Push. Nothing to be proud of here.

The numbers never lie and they are saying that the Phillies, with their 3-1-2 victory in the TotT, should take at least two from the Padres this weekend.



dr. steve said...

I watch the The Howard count with eagle eyes, impatiently awaiting the first man to hit into TWO Howards. IT WILL HAPPEN!

Bob D said...

Gamble's fro -vs- McBride's fro wow Gamble really has it going there.

Also did anyone notice that Blanton pitches well but he recieves his first loss as a Phillie.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils offense was dismal last night. Never, and I mean never, should any MLB team surrender 8 runs to the Nationals and/or only score 2 off of them. Durbin is horrible this season.

Wasn't Oscar Gamble also a Phillie at one point?

GM-Carson said...

Simple observations:

Jimmy is hurting the offense at leadoff because he's absolutely worthless so far to begin the season.

Chad Durbin is not the same pitcher that we saw for the first 4-5 months last season. He's wild and entirely too hittable.

Giving up the longball will only worsen for our pitching as temperatures rise.

*Oh, Gamble was a Phillie in the early 70's.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I'm going to have to disagree … I'd take Mexico over Jersey any day of the week, even if it does have Mexicans.

GM-Carson said...

I've never been to Mexico, but I have been to Jersey, and I'll have to side with the Reverend on this one.

GM-Carson said...

Someone on BeerLeaguer compiled this scary stat:

Score by innings, thru 8 games:

1st inning: Them 14, Us 0
2nd inning: Them 6, Us 6
3rd inning: Them 10, Us 5
4th inning: Them 5, Us 4
5th inning: Them 5, Us 3
6th inning: Us 1, Them 0
7th inning: Us 13, Them 4
8th inning: Them 7, Us 5
9th inning: Us 5, Them 3

GM-Carson said...

Cool movement trying to paint Citizens Bank Park red tonight for Harry.

Link, link, link

Kieran Kelly said...

Thanks for posting the link about Paint the Bank Red for Harry the K

Late notice, but it's worth a shot.


GM-Carson said...

Michael Dubee, Dick-Dick Dubee's son, was just traded to the Pirates. The Pirates will probably release sometime this or next season, and then the Phils will sign him again for the minors. We love us some Dubees.

GM-Carson said...

This pitching staff sucks! 24 homeruns given up? Hamels sucked tonight. Madson sucked tonight. We're playing the Nationals and the Padres, not the Yankees and Rangers. C'mon!

Aaron said...

This team is shitty. What the hell happened to our pitching staff!!
We have given up at least one homer in every single game this year!!!!!!!
Rollins has hit a damn thing since mid season last year.

Lou Marson can hit.....LET HIM PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April is easily our easiest month schedule wise and they are 4-5.....Not good.
I'm pissed so F'ing tired of shitty Aprils

Chas said...

I completely agree!!!! Watching the flyers completely blow game 2 and the phillies blow a 7 run lead just reminded me why i'm a Philadelphia fan.. I know we just won a World Series but come on!!! and i agree that marson can HIT but it wasn't coste's fault that we lost. Our pitching staff has been hands down the reason we are losing!! So frustrating!!!

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