Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quality Starts = Losses?

The Phillies pitching staff has registered only 3 quality starts this season through 13 games. A quality start is when the starting pitcher goes 6+ innings while allowing 3 or fewer earned runs. Brett Myers had one on April 18th and Joe Blanton notched a QS in each of his last two starts (April 16th and last night). Funny/discouraging thing is that they've lost all 3 of those games. Hopefully this trend fluke can stop today when Cole Hamels goes against David Bush in today's afternoon matinee (game time 1:05).


When the 11-1 Florida Marlins traveled to PNC to play the 6-6 Pittsburgh Pirates people were expecting a sweep, just not by the Buccos. The Pirates are now 9-6 after taking 3 straight from the Fish and are starting to make people wonder just how good are they. Yesterday ESPN's baseball page's poll was devoted to the Pirates. Personally, I still view them as a team with a losing record after 162 games, but it sure is fun to watch them finally experience some success if only in April.



Bob D said...

I will root for the Pirates to keep winning.

I guess I should bring a coat for 60 and windy at the stadium, I'm pumped up with tixs in the 300 level

Zach said...

still looking for the first player with multiple Howards.

GM-Carson said...

The Cubs just DFA'd Luis Vizcaino who has a 0.00 era this season. He's not a stellar reliever, but he's mediocre. Phils would only owe him $400,000 if they picked him up as the Cubs would be on hook for the other $3.6M.

dr. steve said...

Are we going to add a QS Counter to the right side so we can tell the difference between a QS and a W?