Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phormer Phillies As Coaches

Looking around the dugouts of the teams of Major League Baseball you'll find many former Phillies working in a coaching capacity. I took the time to compile a list of former Phils players that are currently coaching in the majors. Coaches are listed with current team and assignment. Years with Philadelphia are in parentheses and stats listed are from time there.

John Russell/Pittsburgh Pirates (1984-1988)
259 gm, 78 r, 172 h, 43 dbl, 29 hr, 106 rbi, .232/.292/.416
Russell was the Phils 1st round draft pick back in 1982, but the catcher/outfielder never amounted to much offensively in the majors.

Bench Coaches:
Pete Mackanin/Philadelphia Phillies (1978-1979)
18 gm, 2 r, 3 h, 1 hr, 3 rbi, .176/.222/.353
The newly appointed helping hand for Charlie Manuel was a run-of-the-mill futility infielder back-in-the-day.

Ron Roenicke/Los Angeles Angels (1986-1987)
165 gm, 51 r, 81 h, 16 dbl, 6 hr, 46 rbi, .229/.362/.337
Roenicke wasn't much of a hitter, but he sure knew how to take a walk (75 bb to 81 h as a Phillie, and 190:256 for his career).

Gary Varsho/Pittsburgh Pirates
72 gm, 7 r, 26 h, 11 rbi, .252/.310/.282
Varsho is a phamed Phucco and was the bench coach for the Phils at one time too.

Batting Coaches:
Milt Thompson/Philadelphia Phillies (1986-1988 and 1993-1994)
584 gm, 248 r, 492 h, 70 dbl, 14 trpl, 22 hr, 173 rbi, 98 sb, .279/.343/.372
Milt used to roam the outfield for the Phils and was a member of the fabled '93 squad.

Rick Schu/Arizona Diamondbacks (1984-1987 and 1991)
330 gm, 123 r, 218 h, 39 dbl, 9 trpl, 24 hr, 79 rbi, 10 sb, .250/.318/.398
Rick is best known for his fascinating facial hair, but he did have two stints with the Phils playing 3rd and 1st base.

Dale Sveum/Milwaukee Brewers
54 gm, 13 r, 4 dbl, 2 hr, 16 rbi, .178/.261/.252
Dale didn't even make it through one complete season with the Phils as a failed utility infielder.

Pitching Coaches:
Roger McDowell/Atlanta Braves (1989-1991)
12-17, 154 gm, 202 ip, 99 k, 44 sv, 2.90 era, 1.42 whip
McDowell was a quirky reliever and has taken over for the legendary Leo Mazzone in Atlanta. Braves pitching has been in a downward spiral ever since...coincidence?

Dan Warthen/New York Mets (1977)
0-1, 3 gm, 3.2 ip, 1 k, 0.00 era, 2.46 whip
Warthen was barely a Phillie long enough to amount to a pimple on an elephant's ass cheek, and since he's the Mets pitching coach he still doesn't hold any significance.

Mike Maddux/Texas Rangers (1986-1989)
10-13, 64 gm, 227.1 ip, 144 k, 4.51 era, 1.47 whip
Maddux is part of the Wrong Brother Syndrome that has been taking place in Philly for decades.

1st Base Coaches:
Dwayne Murphy/Toronto Blue Jays (1989)
98 gm, 20 r, 34 h, 5 dbl, 9 hr, 27 rbi, .218/.341/.423
Murphy had a good go of it with the A's winning 6 Gold Gloves and belting 153 homeruns while playing outfield, before his career came to die in Philly.

Mariano Duncan/Los Angeles Dodgers
406 gm, 208 r, 442 h, 100 dbl, 9 trpl, 30 hr, 194 rbi, 40 sb, .274/.298/.403
Mariano played all over the diamond during his time with Philly, but he's best remembered for his efforts during the 1993 World Series going 10-29 and swiping 3 bags.

Lee Tinsley/Seattle Mariners (1996)
31 gm, 1 r, 7 h, 2 rbi, .135/.196/.135
Stats as a Phillie bring back nightmares of Alex S. Gonzalez.

Billy Hatcher/Cincinnati Reds (1994)
43 gm, 15 r, 33 h, 5 dbl, 2 hr, 13 rbi, 4 sb, .246/.271/.343
I dislike Hatcher because he's who the Phils got in return from Boston when they sent my favorite non-star Phillie of all-time Wes Chamberlain to the Red Sox.

Andy Van Slyke/Detroit Tigers (1995)
63 gm, 26 r, 52 h, 10 dbl, 3 hr, 16 rbi, 7 sb, .243/.333/.350
He was a prime time centerfielder for the Pirates in the late 80's/early 90's, but by the time he came to Philly he was washed-up and ready for retirement.

3rd Base Coaches:
Larry Bowa/Los Angeles Dodgers (1970-1981)
1739 gm, 816 r, 1798 h, 206 dbl, 81 trpl, 13 hr, 421 rbi, 288 sb, .264/.301/.324
Was a Gold Glove shortstop that played with a fiery devotion that is still evident in his coaching today.

Juan Samuel/Baltimore Orioles (1983-1989)
852 gm, 523 r, 921 h, 176 dbl, 71 trpl, 100 hr, 413 rbi, 249 sb, .263/.310/.439
Made a lot of errors, stuck out a lot, scored a lot of runs, and hit a lot of triples during his days as the Phils second baseman.

Tom Foley/Tampa Bay Rays
85 gm, 25 r, 60 h, 10 dbl, 3 hr, 22 rbi, .274/.342/.370
I barely remember Foley as a Phil, but I fondly recall some of his Expo baseball cards.

Bullpen Coaches:
Ken Howell/Los Angeles Dodgers (1989-1990)
20-19, 51 gm, 310.2 ip, 234 k, 3.85 era, 1.28 whip
Howell had two decent years with the Phils as a starting pitcher.

Darrel Akerfelds/San Diego Padres (1990-1991)
7-3, 101 gm, 142.2 ip, 73 k, 3 sv, 4.29 era, 1.37 whip
Akerfelds has a cool last name...that's all I've got.

Special Assistant to the Manager:

Ivan DeJesus/Chicago Cubs (1982-1984)
463 gm, 153 r, 366 r, 51 dbl, 15 trpl, 7 hr, 139 rbi, 37 sb, .249/.319/.319
In WSBGM's inaugural season (2006), I called upon a little divine intervention from Ivan.



GM-Carson said...

It's everyone's favorite 6-fingered freak Antonio Alfonseca's b-day today. If you see him, give him a high-6.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark's Useless Info Dept.:
• Eight is not enough: Our resident streak guru, SABR's Trent McCotter, reports that in that crazy April 8 game in which the Phillies came from seven runs back in the seventh inning to beat Atlanta, eight straight Phillies hitters drove in a run. Here's how unlikely a feat that is:

They're the first team to pull that off since the 1956 Tigers. And if you throw out those eight hits, it took the Phillies 166 plate appearances into the season to have eight hitters drive in a run.

furiousBall said...

I met Juan DeJesus at Phils picture day and he's one of the nicest pro athletes I've ever met. huge freakin' forearms

Bob D said...

Juan DeJesus is that Ivan DeJesus's brother?

where is old six fingers?

Chris said...

It was hilarious watching Alfonseca pitch, also nerve racking. I wonder what the hell is he up to? Sipping martinis on an island somewhere?

SirAlden said...

What do I use for the extra finger?!

GM-Carson said...

A cigar.

BenJah said...

i was trying to make a list of the top 5 people in phillies phranchise history (connie mack, michael jack, ashburn, the phanatic??) and i think harry kalas might be number 1

Mr. A-Hole said...

Who gives a shit about any of these former Phils except for the ones that are still with the club in some capacity?

GM-Carson said...

You mean to tell me you don't care about Larry Bowa, or Juan Samuel, or Rick fricken Schu?!

Jay Ballz said...

I remember almost all the guys on that list. Dale Svuem was garbage!!

GM-Carson said...

Speaking of garbage, that's how Manuel is managing tonight.

*starting Feliz
*pitching Durbin again, instead of Taschner (Taschner hasn't pitched a while, and was warming. Durbin has pitched a lot so far, and hasn't been effective.)
*"pinch hitting" Dobbs, but doesn't allow him the chance, instead going with Bruntlett

There's a reason the Nationals are winless...they suck. Yet, the Phils are poised to supply them with their first victory.

Rich Baxter said...

The Phils can't win them all, now they come home to honor Harry.

Oh I wish I wasn't going on vacation this weekend.....:(

Andrew said...

Chris Duncan with the Howard

Bob D said...

Rick Schu was awesome.

Bob D said...

Blanton's first loss as a Phillie

GM-Carson said...

Ok, so Taschner wasn't a good choice last night either.