Thursday, April 02, 2009

Phanatic Ice Cream & Today in Phils History

I know it's been a sad existence in Philsville since Scott Graham left the Phillies broadcasting team and no longer promoted Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream. However, I'm here like an April shower, to sprinkle good news upon you. The Phillie Phanatic is going to be immortalized with his own Turkey Hill flavored ice cream called Phillie Phanatic Double Play (I wonder if this is also inspired by a typical Pedro Feliz at bat.). I'm already a fan of fat-filled creamy goodness (that sounds dirty), so count me in as one of the many supporters of this new flavor.

Almighty April 2nd:
*Happy 45th birthday to one of Corey's favorite Phillies- Pete Incaviglia.

*List of stellar names that made their Phils debut on this day: Benito Santiago, Todd Zeil, and Lee Tinsley (1996), Rex Hudler and Scott Ruffcorn (1997), Mark Portugal (1998), Eddie Oropesa and Jose Mesa (2001), Aaron Rowand (2006), and Wes Helms, Rod Barajas, and Greg Dobbs (2007).

*Wes Helms has the dubious distinction of making his debut on the same day he was released from the organization, with 1 year elapsed between dates. Pie-Guy Tomas Perez was also released on this day in 2006.

*Back in 1992, the Phils weaseled the Houston Astros out of Curt Schilling for mediocre reliever Jason Grimsley, which incidentally ended up being the only thing worthwhile Grimsley did in his career.

*Rudy Seanez was welcomed into the bullpen this day last season.




I miss Tomas Perez...

GM-Carson said...

My buddy just got 2 free tickets to the On Deck game against the Rays on Saturday...You're my boy Burrell, you're my boy!

GM-Carson said...

Hot Damn! Ryan Howard with his 10th spring homerun, 24 rbi too.

Too bad Grand Pappy Moyer crapped the bed today, giving up 9 runs over 4 innings. Nice spring era of 8.27.


Yea that inning by Grand Pappy was pretty brutal and the inning by Trashner was equally as brutal considering I saw it coming and so did you guys. At least Pete Happy looks to be getting his shit together, 4-4 2 2B and a homer.

Andrew said...

For Baltimore today:
Eaton 5.0 IP 9R, 5H, 5 ER, 2BB, 1SO, 7.29 ERA

Looks about right. Can't wait to get his autograph on saturday at the O's fanfest!!!!!! Should I offer him my Phillies hat to sign?? Or is that just being cruel?


Have Eaton sign your Phillies champs apparel. THAT is cruel haha

GM-Carson said...

Have Eaton sign toilet at that. Now there's a slap in the face.

Jack Taschner is trash. Ever roster needs a villain, he's mine.

How do you spell retard? said...

Rod Barajas, Wes Helms, and Curt Schilling mentioned in the same post?

Must. Resist. Urge to Kill.

Amanda said...

Tomas Perez= King of Shaving Cream Pies