Saturday, April 04, 2009

Head Scratchers

Why have 3 lefties in the bullpen? JC Romero is out until June, originally leaving Scott Eyre as the only LHP guaranteed a job. Eyre should be used solely as a lefty specialist, because he gets slaughtered by righthanded batters (.280/.815). Therefore, Amaro decided to acquire Jack Taschner as a 2nd lefty, who has poor control, allows both sides of the plate to hit him, puts tons of runners on base per inning, and has a career earned run average north of 5. Sounds like a great addition to the reigning best bullpen in the league doesn't it? Then the decision came yesterday to keep JA Happ with the club in a relief role where the 26 year old has made only 4 appearances as such in the majors and 3 in the minors. This is all very questionable to me, and seems likely to go wrong. Both Gary Majewski and Mike Koplove head to Triple A Lehigh Valley as better options in my opinion. Time will tell.

Why release Jenkins in favor of Cairo and Stairs? As Corey wondered the other day- who is the backup to Ibanez, Victorino, and Werth? Matt Stairs, I hope not. I love Stairs because he's pudgy, Canadian, and hit that moonshot off of Broxton in the playoffs. However, the man is 41 years old and is nothing more than a pinch-hitting option. Jenkins has his faults, but he can still play the outfield defensively, is making a ton of money not to play for us ($8M+), and also had a very big hit in the playoffs for the Phightins if my memory serves me correctly. Yes, he was a total bust as a signing, but that doesn't mean he should be given the Adam Eaton treatment. Then, there's the journeyman who made the club in favor of Jenkins, and I don't mean Steve Perry. I speak of weak hitting utility infielder Miguel Cairo (wait, don't we already have one of those in the form of Bruntlett?). Even when Cairo was "good" he wasn't good. The man's career OPS sits at .672, so I could care less if he bats righthanded, lefthanded, or tomahawk chops up there, because that just isn't any good. If a righthanded bat is so strongly desired for the bench, go get someone who can actually hit or give Jason Donald a chance.

On Deck Series:
The Phils were back in Citizens Bank Park against the same opponent they defeated last October to win the World Series. Slight twist, Pat Burrell is no longer the Phils LF, but rather the Rays DH. He went 1-3 last night, and showed his blazing speed that he became world famous for while in Philly stealing a base. Seriously, what the hell was Chad Durbin and Chris Coste doing to allow such an event to occur? Halley's Comet makes more appearances than a Burrell sb.

Today Cole Hamels makes his final tuneup for the season against Tampa Bay at 1:05.



Andrew said...

Burrell stole a base? Wow, thats rubbing it in our faces for letting him go!

I'll tell Adam Eaton "whats up" for all of you guys here. Orioles Fanfest here I come

GM-Carson said...

Andrew- take some one-ply toilet paper for him to sign.

Josh said...

Trust me when I say this, Phillies fans are going to fall in love with Miguel Cairo at some point this's inevitable.


GM-Carson said...

Jorge- I hope you're right. I don't dislike him now, I just don't understand his inclusion over Jenkins on the roster. I'll root for him though, it's not like he's David Bell or something.

Bob D said...

Yes, Majewski over Happ and Jenkins over a weaker RH bat.

GM-Carson said...

I just hope Ho Park can keep up his amazing success he's started here in spring. I still feel he belongs in the pen with Happ in the rotation, but I'm fine with being proven wrong.


I couldn't believe he stole that base. I was liek what the hell is going on? I put up some pics of last night and a video of Burrell's standing ovation. Also I got Matt Stairs to sign a ball and write "Moon Shot" next to his name. I am quite proud of that.

Sully said...

Don't worry about Spring Training Stolen Bases

These are practice games

Miguel Cairo is a nice guy on the bench... but I don't understand letting Jenkins go either

Aaron said...

Happ should have been our 5th starter. Chan Blow Park should be in the pen. I have little doubt that Chan Blow will stuggle and Happ will take his spot before the years over.

We will not miss Jenkins but I find it very hard to believe that they could not find anyone to trade him to.

Cairo is useless and Donald should be on this team as a bench guy and spot starter for Feliz, Utley and Rollins.

We don't need a power right hand bat off the bench, we need someone who can hit the ball and that is Jason Donald!!!

Trashner is useless. He's left handed....great.....I'll just keep reminding myself that he's left handed while he's getting shelled.

Dumb Dumb Dumb decisions!

That being said, in the grand scheme we have a great team and a real shot at repeating.
Werth's going to have a huge year. Howard looks like he's going to have a huge year. Rollins should play better this year and Utley looks healthy.

I'm ready for another Parade
NOW LETS GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Andrew- I had to reread your last part of your comment because I thought you said "I'm ready for another Padre" and that left me deeply concerned.

GM-Carson said...

Damn, just read the box score from today and Hamels got shelled.

Nice to see Donald went yard. The kid seems ready for the bigs. He could be a starting 3rd baseman next year, so start getting him experience now.

ripjgarcia said...

The latest from the "You pay me millions of a dollars so I should be allowed to influence ownership decisions"..

Carlos Zambrano publicly stated that the Cubs should ditch Wrigley and build a new stadium like the Yankees did.

Personally I like old old stadiums that represent the history of the game. I say refurbish, not rebuild.

Andrew said...

wow, the great Sully is reading your blog! he posts a great blog himself, if you don't already read it.

SirAlden said...

94 or 84 Wins for this year's Phils.

It's is all about the fickle finger of injuries, will he point our way.

Rollins to Utley to Howard


Wright to Reyes and into Centerfield to Beltran.

Our Heroes vs. Theirs.

Thumbs UP!