Friday, April 10, 2009

Game Time: Hamels vs. Marquis

Coors Field 4:10 PM
Philadelphia Phillies (1-2) vs. Colorado Rockies (2-1)

Cole Hamels
Career: 38-23, 543 ip, 518 k, 3.43 era, 1.14 whip.
2008: 14-10, 227.1 ip, 196 k, 3.09 era, 1.08 whip.
Spring: 0-1, 7.2 ip, 10 k, 9.39 era, 1.17 whip.
*Hollywood Hamels experienced some elbow tightness in the middle of spring training and was temporarily shutdown for precaution. His inactivity caused him to be unready for the Opening Day assignment, but he's now set to embark upon his quest for 20 wins.

Jason Marquis
Career: 79-70, 1269 ip, 752 k, 4.55 era, 1.43 whip.
2008: 11-9, 167 ip, 91 k, 4.53 era, 1.45 whip.
Spring: 1-3, 25 ip, 22 k, 10.08 era, 1.96 whip.
*Marquis was unwanted in Chicago, but his ability to induce groundballs will be welcomed in Colorado. In his career against the Phils, he's walked more batters (49) than he's struck out (43).

News & Notes:
*Starting pitcher Gustavo Chacin was signed to a minor league contract. He's a 28 year old lefty who's been banged up since 2007, and was recently released from the Nationals. Career: 25-15, 4.18 era, and 1.38 whip over 4 seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. Like the Rodrigo Lopez signing, this adds veteran MLB depth to the minors with potential he wears some superiffic spectacles.

*Relief pitcher Tyler Walker was also signed to a minor league deal. He's a 32 year old righty that was recently released by the Seattle Mariners. Career: 20-17, 4.52 era, and 1.43 whip over 6 seasons with the Mets, Rays, and Giants. He'll join former MLB relievers Mike Koplove, Dave Borkowski, and Gary Majewski at Lehigh Valley.

*Pat Burrell collected his first MLB hit outside of a Phillies uniform yesterday while pinch-hitting in the Rays win over the BoSox. He's now 1-8 (.125 avg) on the season.



GM-Carson said...

This game is off to another crappy start. Howard kills inning with double play. Now Hamels has given up a single and a stolen base...can't we have a good first inning for once?!

Andrew said...

not that bad. no runs given up through 2 innings. gotta start somewhere!

Andrew said...

spoke too soon

GM-Carson said...

And Cole Hamels just snuggled up with Myers, Moyer, and Blanton in the bed in which the Phils starting pitchers have shit in. Seriously, this is horrible pitching.

Andrew said...

that must be a california king... gotta leave room for Park to soon join in

GM-Carson said...

Howard is doing a great job clearing the bases hitting into double plays.