Monday, April 06, 2009

2009 Predictions - Phillies Batters

Cooch Ruiz
Carson - .253-8-47 - Never will be an offensive force, but from the 8 hole that's plenty.
Corey - .241-9-51 - He won't hit this year, either.

Ryan Howard
Carson - .278-62-151 - 2009 NL MVP and new unaided homerun champion.
Corey - .284-54-124 - 2009 NL MVP. Lock it up.

Chase Utley
Carson - .289-23-101 - Will need occasional days off, and hip will cause slight dip in power. Wins Gold Glove this season.
Corey - .312-29-103 - Jen Utley is hot.

Jimmy Rollins
Carson - .303-16-72 - Gold Glove for 3rd straight season, swipes 50+ bags, and finally breaks the .300 barrier.
Corey - .284-18-77 - Will decrease disciplinary benchings by at least 50%.

Pedro Feliz
Carson - .237-12-50 - I expect Pete Happy to continue to play quality defensive 3rd base, but to get even worse at the plate, leading to more at bats for Greg Dobbs and a mid-summer call-up for Jason Donald.
Corey - .249-19-65 - Conservative HR totals here. He may hit 20+ now that his back is well.

Raul Ibanez
Carson - .278-15-85 - His power doesn't improve with move to CBP, but he contributes enough from 6 hole (not worth $10M a season though).
Corey - .281-18-84 - Age starts to show this season as power numbers slide. Less homers, less tail than Burrell would have pulled.

Shane Victorino
Carson - .296-17-83 - Wins another Gold Glove, swipes 40+ bases, and becomes one of the league's best 2 hole hitters.
Corey - .294-13-70 - Will Victorino spend two stints on the DL? No questions asked.

Jayson Werth
Carson - .272-32-111 - Becomes 30-30 player with 30 stolen bases to go along with his 32 homeruns, and collects plenty rbi following Utley and Howard in lineup.
Corey - .278-20-92 - Average will take hit because he has to see more RHP.


GM-Carson said...

Good thing Derek Lowe isn't pitching against us every night or my projections would be a lot lower.

Lowe was amazing last night, and his performance reminded me why I wanted him in a Phils uniform so badly. His sinker was spot-on and he deadened the Phils bats (only 2 hits thru 8 innings).

Myers is an utter disappointment, and I can honestly say I'm hopeful the Phils let him walk at season's end. His pitches had no life or bite on them last night, and almost every ball the Braves put it play was rocketed.

Kudos to Howard for striking out looking in the 9th with 2 men on. Good eye!

GM-Carson said...

I was at the game last night and that place was charged up, but then the life was sucked out as soon as McCann sent a lifeless Myers offering deep into orbit. Myers pitches lacked movement, and were slow. Nearly every ball put in play by the Braves was hard hit. I'm so sick and tired of the Good Myers/Bad Myers act. He's like our own personal Oliver Perez in terms of you never know which one you'll get.

What the hell is up with the lineup? Werth 2nd with a righty on the mound? Werth needs to bat 5th to breakup Howard and Ibanez (who to the naked eye runs much faster than Burrell).

Only positive of last night- bullpen looked good.

Andrew said...

yikes, Lowe's sinker was devastating last night and was making us look silly. I seriously don't think he threw a single strike to Howard who could have drawn walks by just not swinging! Myers definitely threw a few too many meatballs in the first 2 innings, but I think he settled down and I'm going to chalk it up to nerves and not being at full velocity yet. I'm not yet worried about him. I did enjoy seeing Lidge throw that Eric Hinske slider to the rookie making him walk away in wonder. Also a good note, seeing The Beard be a pinch hit wonder against Dancing Bean Gonzalez.

I have a strong feeling the Phils will come back strong on Tuesday night and blow the Braves away. No questions asked.

Mike said...

Opening Night sucked.
But the Phils are going to score at least 10 runs in Tuesday's win. Lock it up.

GM-Carson said...

4 straight Opening Day losses for the Phils, meh.

Andrew said...

One other good thing overlooked... The Romero watch drops to 49!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Pete Happy will make you all look foolish … by hitting 23 home runs, batting .255 and driving in 80 RBIs. Either that or another stint on the DL.

GM-Carson said...

I mean no disrespect to Pete Happy, he had some huge hits last season, but he's on the decline (and since his "incline" was never very high to begin with).

Jeremy said...

"I'm not gonna do what everbody thinks I'm gonna do and FREAK out. All I want to know is who's coming with me (back to the minors that is)?" Brett Myers after the first two innings Sunday.

Peter said...

Jason Werth hitting 30 HR's? Maybe if 100% of the NL were comprised of LHP.


I'm going tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm hoping the weather is nice tomorrow and Moyer goes 7 strong.