Sunday, March 15, 2009

Single Tear of Joy

That my friends is an image of solace, hope, joy, and beauty. Yes, that's Chase Utley in the batter's box, as he was back in action yesterday for the first time since walking off the Citizens Bank Park field as a World Series champion. In the minor league spring training game, he went 2-4 at the plate and played 4 innings at 2nd base without any problems physically. My hero said this- "As far as physically, it still has some room for improvement. But it was nice to be out there. It was nice to try to get the feel of the game back. That's probably going to be the most difficult thing, is just to get that flow back. But as far as physically, it felt pretty good. No pain hitting. No pain fielding. I ran hard a couple times, and like I said, there are no problems there. It's good to know." A single tear of joy just ran down my cheek.



Andrew said...

amen.... he leads off in the real game today!

Andrew said...

to comment on your post about Eaton yesterday and his first start with the O's... Living in Baltimore and hanging out with hardcore O's fans, I am floored at just how excited they are to have Eaton be their potential #3 guy. Weird people down here!

GM-Carson said...

Eaton shouldn't be on a major league staff let alone someone's #3, pathetic!

Amanda said...

Great news. Beautiful picture.

GM-Carson said...

Watched the game today and Ho Park looked good. Happ has pitched well, but Ho Park has been matching him. Looks like a 2 person race for the 5th spot.

SirAlden said...

We still have a chance to sign Jose Mesa or 'Six Fingers' Alphonseca.

Open the damn check book Phillies!

BloodStripes said...

Great news

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