Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Power, Speed, Zero, & Wins

Ryan Howard is pure power. He's launched 153 rockets over the past 3 seasons, and already has 4 homeruns in spring training, which leads both the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues.

Eric Bruntlett may not be well known for his speed (29 sbs in 6 yrs), but the bearded wonder is like white lightning in spring training, leading the majors with 5 stolen bases.

It's early in spring, still 3 weeks or so of games to go, so many pitchers still have sparkling 0.00 earned run averages. However, not many have 6 innings pitched with 6 strikeouts and still a nil era, but bullpen hopeful Gary Majewski does.

The Pirates aren't even being picked by their own fans (do they have any?) to win the World Series this season, yet they are kicking some major booty in spring with the record of 8-4.



GM-Carson said...

Happy 35th birthday to Bobby Abreu. Make sure you tell him if you see him.

PWHjort said...

Spring training is very, very quirky. It's a good time though. Universally optimistic. Except for Pirates fans I guess.

Andrew said...

nice photoshopping Carson. I thought Howard was ripped, but until now, I guess I had no idea....

furiousBall said...

I'm not picking the Pirates to win the WS either for what that's worth

GM-Carson said...

I'm starting to get better with my bootleg PhotoShop, so you can expect more gems like these throughout the season.

Mr Loom said...

headed to spring training this weekend with three friends...a yankees fan, a braves fan and a cardinals fan...people may be hurt...but I will be at the sunday afternoon game and will try and get some good pics for you guys.

GM-Carson said...

Pics would be much appreciated, just send them via email.

I mean no offense by this, but Kendrick sucks! 8 runs in 3 ip today with 10 hits, 1 walk, and 2 hr...he's done!

Mr Loom said...

make way for happ!

Andrew said...

still early, but I still stand by the following:

#5 = Happ
BP = Park
AAA = Carrasco
Tradebait or AAA = Kendrick

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