Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phillies in April's Maxim Magazine

I was flipping through the pages of April's edition of Maxim magazine and came across an advertisement for EAS MyoPlex (Energy*Athletics*Strength), which claims to "refuel and build lean muscle". The face of the advertisement was none other than WFC second baseman Chase Utley. I just hope this chocolaty creamy nutrition shake doesn't contain any of the shit that got JC Romero suspended for 50 games. Chutley even has his own EAS webpage.

Maxim also has its "2009 Baseball Preview" featuring a Q&A with Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard in the "Return of the Fat Man", Chase Utley in the "Second Coming of the Second Baseman", "The Curious Case of Jamie Moyer", and Hamels and Utley both members of the "All-Maxim Team 2009".

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*More Hardball wants to know who has the hottest fans in Major League Baseball. It's the playoffs and the Phils are pitted against the Cubbies.

*Check out these pimpin' jerseys the Phils will be rockin' Opening Night.

*Great news for the Phillies, the Mets are going to send a tee out to "pitch" every 5th day.

*Scott Rolen doesn't want anyone to know, but he was indeed rooting for the Phils in the World Series. I still hate the whiny bawl-baby pissy-pants.




"whiny bawl-baby pissy-pants"



Did you see how much better our pitchers are performing in spring training as opposed to the Mets? I know spring means next to nothing but it is encouraging none the less.

GM-Carson said...

Any chance to hate on the Mets is endorsed by WSBGM's.


Jesus Christ Kendrick sucks ass...

GM-Carson said...

Twins have scored almost the fewest runs this spring, and he's already getting lit up by them. Demote him already.


I think Kyle Kendrick's WHIP is hovering somewhere around 13.000

GM-Carson said...

Kendrick settled down, only gave up those 2 runs.

I watched most of the game today, and it was good to see Lidge working the slider.

Shay said...

I wish we wore the patches from the uni's on the road too.

That way, every time we got to New York everyone will know who the WFCs are.

GM-Carson said...

Trust me, those envious bitches from NY know who the WFC are.

Shay Roddy said...

Hell yeah, they do.

Hey Carson-- loved that round table you put together... If I put something similar together over on Phillie Phanatics, would you take part in it?

GM-Carson said...

Of course I would, I love making my voice heard (or read).

Shay Roddy said...

ok, great! I'll send you an email once I touch base with a few other people. I'm hoping it will be a bloggers/ beat writers/ broadcasters unite type thing.

I'll be getting in touch with a few people... I know you wanted Zolecki in yours, and it didn't work out for you. If you want to ask him about this one that would be great.


Nicholas said...

I just got back from the game today. I had an incredible seat in the first row right behind the on deck circle.

Anonymous said...

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