Sunday, March 01, 2009

Owies & Boo-Boos

During the first stages of spring training the games really aren't all that relevant or intriguing (although I did enjoy watching the Phils notch their first Grapefruit League victory yesterday). What is relevant and intriguing are the injuries, and each team in the NL East has some concerns in the early going.

Atlanta Braves:
Tom Glavine/LHP- strained elbow (return in May), Tim Hudson/RHP- elbow surgery (late season return), Charlie Morton/RHP- back (day to day), Peter Moylan/RHP- elbow soreness (midsummer return), and Rafael Soriano/RHP- elbow inflammation (return during spring training likely).

Florida Marlins:

Burke Badenhop/RHP- neck (on throwing program with return expected during spring training), Jose Ceda/RHP- aggravated shoulder (day to day), and Andrew Miller/LHP- knee (day to day).

New York Mets:
John Maine/RHP- legion on back of shoulder (currently on throwing program with no setbacks), Tim Redding/RHP- broken toe (return expected during spring training), Johan Santana/LHP- elbow pain (possibly out until beginning of April), Fernando Tatis/UTL- hand injury (day to day), and Billy Wagner/LHP- torn elbow ligament (return in August/September).

Philadelphia Phillies:
Jayson Werth/OF- sore shoulder (day to day), Pedro Feliz/3B- back (just starting baseball activities), Chase Utley/2B- hip (on pace to be in lineup April 5th), and Mike Zagurski/LHP- sore elbow (an April/May return).

Washington Nationals:

Matt Chico/LHP- arm surgery (midseason).

*Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell standing together used to be normal, now it's just a strange sight.

*As mentioned above, the Phils finally won a game this spring, beating the Rays 12-5. Howard, Cairo, Paulino, and Mayberry all went yard. Kendrick looked okay; it was obvious he was concentrating on establishing his changeup. Koplove pitched another scoreless inning of relief, and Eyre and Condrey made their spring debuts.

*Phillies with Brett Myers scheduled to start head to Disney today to face the Braves.


Dan said...

How legit is it for me to want Santana's elbow to blow out? I'm actually being serious here - read on.

I have nothing against Santana personally - he's a pro, he's a competitor, he's not a showboat or an idiot a la Billy Wagner or, to a much lesser degree, Jose Reyes. On the other hand, he is the ace of the team that I love to hate, and he is pretty damn good at winning every fifth day. Obviously, there's a strategic incentive to want to see him go down.

On the other hand, I do want the Mets to be punished for giving out such a retarded, exorbitant contract to the guy. I honestly think this would be a good thing for baseball - if everyone just realized that giving gigantic contracts to pitchers was stupid. We already know that to be the case for Barry Zito, Kevin Brown, Mike Hampton...I just want to see this happen to more long-term pitching contracts, so that we stop giving them out. See what I'm saying? I think that we need to see the big free agent spending teams get burned more often.

I don't know, I'm rambling. What am I kidding...of course I want to see Oliver Perez on the mound for the Muckin Fets on Opening Day! ;)

Corey said...

it could fall off for all i care...i'm not hoping it does because that would result in some negative karma, though...

Bob D said...

Why did Amaro say that Hamels is behind the other pitchers the other day. That statement worries me that they are not disclosing something.

I do not wish injury on anyone (ok almost anyone), rather just for the Phils to play better. When an injury occurs a team should have someone who can step up and play. The Phils had a few last year not because of injury but because others were having an off year. Happ, Werth, Eyre, Bruntlett all stepped up and played well especially Werth who outplayed most expectations. That is what a good team does over the course of a season.

GM-Carson said...

Darth Santana being injured excites me, and I know that makes me an asshole.

Andrew said...

Good freakin lord. Orioles sign Adam Eaton to minor league deal today. Why does he have to sign with the one team I actually root for besides the Phils?????????????

GM-Carson said...

Phils win again! 7-3 over the Reds today with Myers an Ho Park going 3 innings a piece, although neither was spectacular.

The O's are the king retards it turns out, as they signed Adam Eaton.

GM-Carson said...

Do the O's come to the Brick Cit House this summer during Interleague? How awesome would that be to have him make the start? Boos louder than those of JD Drew and Scott Rolen combined would rain down upon him.

Andrew said...

In fact, the O's do make the trek up 95 on Father's Day weekend in June and I already have tickets to the sunday game! Here's praying that Eaton gets the start!!!

Mike said...

Eaton might be the #3 in Baltimore. The AL East is going to light him up!

PWHjort said...

The timetables for some of the Braves' injuries are wrong. Glavine and Peter Moylan will both be ready for opening day.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the update, I must have been reading dated material.

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