Monday, March 30, 2009

New 2009 Intro Music

A few of the Phillies batters have decided to change their into music for this season. WSBGM's was lucky enough to learn of these changes ahead of time.

Pedro Feliz - The freeswinging Feliz doesn't want a base on balls. He wants a three run homer and he's willing to sacrifice a few dozen double-plays to get one. And you don't hit homers by taking pitches. So, Feliz will stroll to the plate this year to "Walk" by Pantera.

"...Walk. What did you say?
...Walk. Are you talking to me?"

Chase Utley - From "Boo F You" to "WFC," Utley doesn't want to hear your opinions on foul language. And he'll let you know with every at-bat as "Censorshit" by the Ramones will be played.

"Hey hey all you all you senator's wives
Better take a good look at your own lives
Before you go preach to me
Your definition of obscenity"

Jimmy Rollins - "Team to beat." "100 wins." That's cool, but now the Phils are WFC and Rollins doesn't have to do any talking anymore. He can just point to the ring. Rollins' intro music this season will be "Nothing to Prove" by New York punk band H2O.

"Me and all my friends we got nothing to prove, nothing to lose."

Ryan Howard - Howard signed a nice new contract. He can hit homers. But the still a question. So this year, Howard's theme song will be a unique take on a Beatles classic, "Can't Buy Me Glove".

"I'll hit you a three run homer my friend if it makes you feel alright
I'll knock you in from third my friend if it makes you feel alright
But I don't care too much for money, cause money can't buy me glove."

Shane Victorino - As and their terrific t-shirt designs have documented, the Flyin' Hawaiian has a knack for giving a great interview. This year though, he can let is intro music do the talking for him, as he will come out to "No Questions Asked" by Fleetwood Mac.

"Night after night
No questions asked"



How do you spell retard? said...

Primal Concrete Sledge > Walk

But I was never a fan of Pantera. Mostly due to that cock Phil Anselmo and his uplifting songs.

GM-Carson said...

Howard's going for GG at 1st this season.

Andrew said...

from Zo this morning:

- Marcus Giles has been released.
- John Mayberry Jr. and Carlos Carrasco have been optioned to Minor League camp.
- Mike Koplove, Jason Ellison and Pablo Ozuna have been told they will not be making the 25-man roster, but will accompany the team to Philadelphia for the On Deck Series on Friday and Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays at Citizens Bank Park.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the update Andrew. I'm glad Giles was released, he played like crap this spring. I could see Koplove helping some this season in relief. He'll I think him or Majewski would be better than Taschner.

GM-Carson said...

Yes, more stuff I can't read!!!!


If Howard wins the GG then So Taguchi will win NL MVP for the Cubs.

Bob D said...

Majewski has been impressive this spring,but it is good to have an arm or two in the minors just a phone call away. But I agree, unless Taschner improves from what he has done in his ML career then yes Majewski or Koplove are better options.

Howard could win a GG, but that would mean that he will fail in his attempt to lead the league in "HOWARDS". (which is WSBGM'S stat of the year). I believe I committed a "Howard" on a date once.

GM-Carson said...

I think WSBGM's tracking of the Howard will singlehandedly cause Ryan to not win a GG.

dr. steve said...

Any news on where Jason Donald will end up for Opening Day?

I'm off to buy my first Phillies Daily News of the year, and I encourage you all to do the same! Friday is SCHEDULE DAY!!

Mr. A-Hole said...

Walk is my anthem!

GM-Carson said...

Ho Park with 7 more k's today, and only 1 earned run. He's pitching very well this spring. I think he has 25 k's now and only 2 walks.

4 homeruns: Bruntlett, Ruiz, Rollins, and Howard. 9th hr for Howard to go along with 21 spring rbi.

Bob D said...

Wow, I really want Happ in the rotation but Park probably has out pitched him (a little). Very tough decision there for Charlie, but it is a good decision to make. If Park make the rotation look for Happ to be in AAA and Majewski to be on the team. Moshebach should be offered back as he has not impressed me at all. (rule5 draft and still on roster)

Howard looks good this spring, he may just hit 50+Hrs.

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