Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moyer's Assault on the Record Books

While snooping around the Baseball-Reference Leaders this morning, I noticed Jamie Moyer is working his way up in many categories of the record books (some good, some bad). Grand Pappy is 46 years old after all and has pitched 22 seasons, so it's only natural that his name is littered among the all-time pitching greats.

(Ranked in Top 100)
Wins- 48th/246
Losses- 60th/185
Games Started- 24th/584
Innings- 55th/3746.7
Strikeouts- 46th/2248
Walks- 81st/1074
Hits Allowed- 46th/3876
Homeruns Allowed- 5th/464
Hit Batters- 26th/128

Some of Moyer's teammates have joined him in the Top 100 of some categories. Chan Ho Park has hit 130 batters, which ranks him 22nd all-time. Ho Park is also ranked 47th in career earnings with $81,756,945 (that's just wrong). Closer Brad Lidge ranks 56th with a 164 saves. Chase Utley has the 54th best slugging percentage with .526 and 64th ranked OPS with .901.

Active former-Phils that are in the Top 100 of the record books: Bobby Abreu, Scott Rolen, Jim Thome, Aaron Rowand, Tom Gordon, and Billy Wagner.

Interesting Tid-Bit: Only 13 players have ever pitched in 1000+ games and 6 of them have been employed by the Phillies (Dan Plesac, Mike Timlin, Kent Tekulve, Jose Mesa, Roberto Hernandez, and Mike Jackson).



furiousBall said...

i haven't followed closely, but how is Mayberry looking this spring?


Mayberry started off strong but has kinda fizzled a bit lately. I still think he is going to help us in the future though, certainly more then Golson would have helped us.

Carson I put another link up to vote for WSBGMs for best sports blog name, hopefully it helps.

born 2 days after Korean War ended said...

Here's a category that Jamie Moyer ranks in the Top 5 All-Time (possibly as high as 2nd or 3rd).
Did you know that of Moyer's 246 career wins, only 34 came before he turned 30. That leaves 212 Wins for Moyer coming after his 30th birthday.
Among modern pitchers only Warren Spahn ranks higher with 277 wins coming after age 30. (Spahn served for three years in World War Two, going from minor leaguer to soldier, and he didn't get his first MLB win until after the war, at age 25 in 1946).
I'm guessing that more than 212 wins of his record 511 career wins came after age 30 for Cy Young.
So unless someone knows of any other outstanding late bloomer, Moyer ranks no lower among pitchers than third in post-twenties career Wins.
With 16 wins last year and a two-year contract through 2010, Moyer is still blazing a trail for senior performers.


Phillies load the bases with no one out against Beckett and what do they do? Strikeout, then double play. I forgot how angry a situation like that can make me when they don't get even a sac fly. Thank god these games don't count.

GM-Carson said...

Phils are notorious for loading the bases and then shitting the bed.

LynnieMac said...

Any list that has both Jose Mesa and Roberto Hernandez on it can't be good.