Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Cleaning & Pirates WTF?!

The Phillies are beginning to do some house cleaning with the release of Marcus Giles and the minor league assignments of John Mayberry Jr., Carlos Carrasco, Jason Ellison, Pablo Ozuna, and Mike Koplove. This is on the heels of the Ronny Paulino trade, so the 25-man roster that will be heading north is sorting itself out.

That leaves Miguel Cairo still fighting for the righthanded bench bat slot, but remember Jenkins and Stairs are still employed by the Phillies. There's talk that since the Phils don't need a 5th starter until April 20th, they could go with an 11 man pitching staff until then, thus opening up a roster spot for Cairo. Gary Majewski remains in the relief mix, but the final bullpen spot is expected to be taken by newly acquired lefty Jack Taschner (although he does have an option remaining), as it looks to be Happ winning the 5th spot in the rotation with Ho Park heading to relief. Pitcher and Rule 5 pick Bobby Mosebach is still in camp, but it's very unlikely the Phils would keep him on the 25-man roster all season, nor should they.

Worth Reading: Jayson Stark takes a look at the new era of Moneyball and names Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Cole Hamels to the "All-Money Player Team", Chase Utley to the "All Pay-Per-View Team", Jimmy Rollins to the "All-Chapter 11 Team", Miguel Cairo, Jamie Moyer, and Matt Stairs to the "Most Traded Stocks" team, Jason Donald to the "All-Futures Market Team", and Jayson Werth and Citizens Back Park to the "All-Moneyball-Name Team".

WTF Pittsburgh?!:
As if the Pirates haven't already sucked long enough (16 straight years with a losing record), they're taking measures to ensure sucking even longer. They've become so accustomed to sucking they don't even know how to exist without sucking. Hence the opening of negotiations with Jack Wilson on a contract extension. Wilson is a burden to the team, and they should have traded him one the many opportunities that were presented over the past couple seasons. But no, Jack remains a Bucco, a high-paid one at that, but doesn't really do anything to help them win aside from playing decent defense. Wilson is set to make $7.25M this season and has an option for $8.4M in 2010. Why the hell does Pittsburgh need an aging shortstop with a career line of: .269/.312/.375? No wonder this franchise is in the shitter.

Another crazy story of a different ilk is the Jose Tabata saga. The 20 year old is apparently married to a lunatic, kidnapping, fake pregnancy selling 43 year old woman. Seriously, WTF?! From the MLB article- In addition to the kidnapping charges against his wife, Tabata has also learned this week of other unknowns truths about her. Tabata did not have knowledge of his wife's conviction for fraud, arson and theft in 1999 and her subsequent 33 months in jail. He would have been 11 at the time of those crimes. That's soap opera worthy right there.



GM-Carson said...

I can't believe that Will Ohman signed with the Dodgers on a minor league contract that only pays him $1.35 if he makes the team. Hello Amaro, he's a far cry better than Trashner!


Yea I did not see Ohman signing a contract like that. I thought he would at least get what Beimel got from the Nats.

and that picture of Amaro is deeply disturbing.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro ain't half bad with boobs.

Bob D said...

Looking at the stats of both (Happ, Park) it is very close race for the 5th spot.

In 20 innings, Happ has allowed 18 hits, eight runs (seven earned), six walks and four home runs. He has 14 strikeouts. But in 21 1/3 innings, Park has allowed 20 hits, seven runs (six earned), just two walks and one home run. He has 25 strikeouts.

Park has outpitched Happ by a little, but Happ has 1 more game ahead so he could secure the spot. But if it was my decision Park would get the nod due to Hrs allowed and control. But they both have pitched good and this is one of those good choices. Personally I prefer Park in the pen and Happ in the rotation.

Andrew said...

Its great that Happ and Park are both looking good because I am worried about Hamels recovering from his 260 innings last season. At least we can rest assured should anything happen, we have good options (plus Carrasco too) to turn to.


Carson you gonna be at McFadden's on Thursday?


Jenkins released, Park 5th starter, Phils contacted Sheffield's agent. Busy Phillies day. I'm not sold on Park as the 5th starter though...

Andrew said...

Park will definitely open up the Korean market. My Korean coworker who has no team allegiances already is looking up when to buy tickets to see Park pitch.

GM-Carson said...

Jenkins released, what?! That makes no sense to me. The Phils are eating way too much contract this season with Eaton and Jenkins.

Park pitched his way into the 5th spot. What of JA Happ now though?

Sheffield would be an interesting bench bat.

Dan said...

I like the idea of getting Sheffield. SUCH a threat off the bench. Even at his advanced age.

If you were an opposing manager in the late innings and a Phillies pitcher is coming up to hit, chances are that you're going to squirm when you look into the other dugout and see Dobbs, Sheffield, and Stairs staring at you.

GM-Carson said...

Sheffields role would be very limited, but he'd have the chance to play for a playoff contender and pick up his 500th homerun (only 1 shy at 499).

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