Monday, March 16, 2009

Ho Park vs. Happ

One is a 35 year old righthanded pitcher with 117 wins and 1800+ innings to his credit. The other is a 26 year old lefty with 1 big league victory and 35 innings pitched.

Chan Ho Park has done it all during his 15 MLB seasons. He was an all-star in 2000 with the Dodgers, posting a 18-10 record with a 3.27 era. He's also fallen flat on his face with the Texas Rangers from 2002-2005. He bounced back last season, mostly in relief, with the Dodgers with a 3.40 era over 95 ip. When Ruben Amaro signed him, Park was guaranteed an opportunity at the 5th spot in the rotation, and he's done his best so far this spring to secure it: 3 gm, 11.2 ip, 11 k, 1.54 era, 0.86 whip. I still feel he's best suited for the Phillies bullpen, but he's making the decision extremely difficult.

JA Happ is also doing a fine job this spring: 4 gm, 11 ip, 9 k, 2.45 era, 1.09 whip. He's a strikeout pitcher, averaging more than a strikeout per inning pitched in the minors. He showed poise during last season's September playoff push, and probably has all the seasoning he needs in the minors by now. I see that he's young, and feel that he's the future, so Happ is the one that should be taking his turn every 5th day.

Happy 33rd Birthday No-Hit Nunez!!!



Joe said...

I like Happ. He has the bigger upside. You know CHP will give you the same numbers as 07 or 08 with a slight slide for age. CHP is also experienced with bullpen work. Happ struggled in the few chances he had from the pen.

Give Happ the innings. He's my #5.

GM-Carson said...

I like having Ho Park available for a spot start, but if he's in the rotation full time I think we're asking for trouble.

Myers is a free agent, Moyer is old, Blanton will soon hit free agency, so we need to test some of our young starting pitching (Happ and Carrasco).

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll had a big game against the Netherlands in the WBC yesterday, going 2-4 with a triple, homerun, and 4 rbi.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels is experiencing elbow soreness and is going back to Philly to get it checked out.


T.O. said...

Happ should def. get the 5th starter spot, but I think it is CHP's to lose. They may have CHP start early on in the season. Happ to pen as another lefty.

Everybody is downplaying the elbow discomfort. I am not worried... yet.

dr. steve said...

1. Do you think they will resign Myers?

2. Moyer needs to be resigned as a pitching coach, or some kind of managerial job where he can continue to help the team. CHP's credits his pitching so far to Moyer coaching him.


We need more pitching options. Put Happ in the 5th spot, use CHP as a relif pitcher for 50 games, and then we'll see which of the above, non-MVP ptichers has fallen apart and needs replacing.

PS - What do you think of the Phillies going with 4 pitchers? That idea has been thrown around.

WSBGMs, it's good to be checking back here for actual news again. I <3 you all.

GM-Carson said...

A 4 man rotation will never happen. Pitchers arms aren't conditioned that way any more.