Monday, March 16, 2009


Cole Hamels has a sore elbow and is leaving Florida to head back to Philly for an examination by team physician Michael Ciccotti.

Opening Night start April 5th definitely in jeopardy. Anything beyond that is far too frightening to fathom.

Are we worrying too much? Are we making something out of nothing?

Ruben Amaro knew we would, "I'm sure you'll make a lot more out of this than it is."

Shut up Rube!



furiousBall said...

i'm going to just hole up and cry in the fetal position until i hear otherwise

GM-Carson said...

I hope this ends up being like the Johan scare, which ended up being nothing serious at all.

The other day I shed a tear of joy for Utley's return to action. Today I pour tears of sorrow in light on this Hamels news.

GM-Carson said...

From The Zo Zone:
Update (11 a.m.): Hamels just met with reporters. Here is some of what he had to say:

"I was able to throw yesterday. It's just been kind of that mild discomfort that I don't want to deal with during the season. So if he can lessen the inflammation and the discomfort, I'll be able to throw and be productive."

"When I'm in games I feel fine. It's coming out of the games, having it stiffen up. Normally, when I'm done I'm able to do stuff. It was still kind of lingering. Maybe it will kind of go away over time. It never got worse, but it never completely went away."

Hamels said he has this tightness every spring, and for that reason he is not worried. He also said he is not worried becuase he feels absolutely no pain while he pitches or at any other time for that matter. The elbow just tightens up on him.

Hamels said he think he will be able to start Opening Day, but he won't push it, either.

"Twenty days until Opening Day," Hamels said. "My body and shoulder is pretty much ready. It's just trying to get that mild discomfort out."

Bob D said...

I feel OK with this and not worried. With what Hamels said it seems only to be precautionary on the Phils $20 mil dollars and my 3 tickets I have purchased already.

Don't worry Carson, tears of joy will soon flow again.

GM-Carson said...

Any signficant injury to Hamels would be detrimental to repeating.

GM-Carson said...

Kyle Kendrick sucks! Today- 4 ip, 8 h, 5 r/4 earned, 3 bb. Have fun in the Lehigh Valley.

Bob D said...

Yeah 4 innings, 4 runs. but says he did manage to lower his spring era to 12 something. At least they put a positive spinn on it

njh723 said...

i wonder if that japanese team is still interested in him...

Dan said...

Oh God please protect Cole Hamels' golden left elbow...please!

LynnieMac said...

Wasn't Cole assuring everyone he was fine and it was nothing to worry about...right before he went on the DL in 2007?

And the fact that stupid Ruben is acting unconcerned worries the hell out of me.

Dan said...

(on the heels of my panicked post, ha)

Let's all at least try to be calm. There's no reason to be fatalistic about this yet. Lots of pitchers feel tenderness in Spring Training. Things could be worse - honestly. Hamels could have cancer or something like that, God forbid. Or, even more simply, he could be complaining of a sore shoulder, which would scare me a whole lot more, to be honest with you.

So come on - let's try to be optimistic, for once in our Phillie-phan lives. We are the WFCs, after all! :)

GM-Carson said...

I'm not thinking worst case scenario with Hamels' elbow, but any pain that is reported is not good, regardless of how minor it may or may not be.