Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garbage Pail Phillies: Non Players Edition

The likes of Chase, Lidge, Madson, and Victorino have already been enshrined in the vault of WSBGM's as Garbage Pail Phillies. Today is the last installment of the series with the focus being on coaches, radio personalities, GM's, and 2 kick-ass bloggers.



GM-Carson said...

Hairy Gary and Sarge are nearly twins.

Jay Ballz said...

I can almost smell the cards and gum right now!

GM-Carson said...

About 5 years ago when Garbage Pail Kids made a slight comeback, I bought a back for nostalgia.

GM-Carson said...

As Dan suggested in the comments section of the NL East Bullpens yesterday, the Mets did release Duaner Sanchez.

According to David Lennon of Newsday, Mets GM Omar Minaya announced that reliever Duaner Sanchez has been released. The Mets did not feel Sanchez could be effective in the Majors. I believe the Mets only have to pay him about $281K now since his contract was not guaranteed. Sanchez, 29, posted a 4.32 ERA in 58.1 innings last year. His fastball was down about 3.5 mph from 2005-06 levels.

Bob D said...

The Sanchez release was money motivated as he was 5-1 and a 4something era last year in his return.

I revise my comment from yesterday that upset some Mets fans:)
The Mets have 2 really good relievers and 1 mediocre (now that Sanchez is gone).

Andy said...


The Sanchez release was also suck motivated, as well as money, because he couldn't break 90 with his fastball. While that's not a problem per se, when you have no command of your 88MPH fastball, you're headed nowhere as a pitcher.

Except maybe Washington.

GM-Carson said...

Todd Zolecki is the shit, he plugged both today's and yesterday's posts. WSBGM's will remain loyal to him.

Mr. A-Hole said...

I thought it would be funnier if it were "Chris Miss" and have a transvestite for Wheeler's GPK card.

LynnieMac said...

That blown up Wheeler picture is nightmare fuel.

GM-Carson said...

Amazingly there aren't many pictures on Wheels when doing a Google image search.

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