Monday, March 02, 2009

Eaton Finds A Home

Brett Myers on losing and keeping off the extra pounds this year, "I’ll make smarter choices drinking beer. Instead of with pizza, maybe it’s a salad."

Grapefruit Stars
Chan Ho Park picked up the win yesterday against the Braves. The better news though is that he did it coming out of the bullpen and not starting. The bullpen is where he is needed and the bullpen is where he belongs.

Marcus Giles had two hits and two stolen bases. Bruntlett had two hits also. Just two middle-of-the-order guys doing what they get paid the big bucks to do...
Next up
The Phils take on the Jays today at 1:05. says Carrasco and Happ are scheduled to pitch.



GM-Carson said...

If Happ and Carrasco keep pitching on the same day, it'll keep the competition that much more interesting.

Wonder what beer Myers is going to turn to now? Probably Coors Light.

GM-Carson said...

Click here for an interview with Heidi (Strobel) Hamels. Worth the read.

Bob D said...

Game at 1 or shovel a foot of snow? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. What station is the game on?

GM-Carson said...

From MLBTR:'s Todd Zolecki spoke to Phillies pitcher Brett Myers yesterday. The 28 year-old righty is entering the last year of his contract. After John Lackey, Myers is in the running to be the second-best available free agent starter after the season.

Myers managed to drop 35 pounds in the offseason, and he's also trying to improve his changeup. He has no desire to pitch the ninth inning anymore, and said he "absolutely" wants to stay with the Phillies beyond this year. With a huge season he could have a shot at an A.J. Burnett contract (five years, $82.5MM), but he may wind up in the Oliver Perez range (three years, $36MM).

*He'd have to pitch pretty damn good this season to come close to either of those contracts listed above. Brett needs to prove he can stay focused and entire season a put up quality stats, because his head/temper gets in his way sometimes.

GM-Carson said...

Pablo Ozuna fighting for a roster spot, now batting .833 on the spring. Happ gave up 2 over 3 today. Carrasco now pitching, Phils losing to Toronto 2-1.

GM-Carson said...

Football game going on in Dundin this afternoon between the Phils and Jays. Happ and Carrasco were each roughed up, but Phils are leading 10-7 right now.

How do you spell retard? said...

To Brett:

Switch from beer to Jager. Vomiting is more likely this way.

GM-Carson said...

Hard liquor lower in calories too.