Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chicks Dig Howard's Long Balls

Back in the day Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine did a commercial for Nike declaring- "Chicks dig the long ball". The man hitting the homeruns was the chemically enhanced Mark McGwire and the chick was a then babe, now cougar Heather Locklear. Ryan Howard is accustomed to this female viewpoint, as he has no shortage of arm candy. The mammoth has walloped 153 homeruns free of "juice" over the past 3 seasons to lead the majors (an average of 51 long balls per year). He's already slobber-knocking the ball this spring, with 3 of his 4 hits being of the over-the-fence variety.


Game Stuff:
*Mayberry continues to impress, as he blasted another rocket into the warm Florida breeze yesterday afternoon; now batting .292 with 2 dbl, 2 hr, 5 r, 8 rbi, and a .995 OPS.

*Grand Pappy Moyer went 4 strong innings giving up 1 run and striking out 5. Happ relieved him, going 3 scoreless innings while punching out (with pitches not fists) 7 batters. Phils won 8-2 over the Tigers.

*Blanton and Carlos Carrasco go off the bump today for the Phils against Atlanta in Grapefruit action.

*Team USA barely beat Team Canada yesterday 6-5 due to yet another late inning meltdown by JJ Putz. Rollins pinch-ran for Jeter and ended up going 1-2 at the plate. Victorino started the game in CF then shifted to RF and was 2-4 with the stick.

*USA versus Venezuela tonight at 8 pm. No word yet if Team Venezuela sprung Ugueth Urbina from jail to pitch in relief and make death threats with machetes. *This t-shirt, along with other creative masterpieces can be found here.



GM-Carson said...

Today in Phils history:

1942: Richie "Dick" Allen was born.

1994: John Kruk undergoes surgery for testicular cancer.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton was good today through 4 innings, giving up only 1 run.

Mayberry sucked today, striking out 3 times.

Eric Bruntlett is white lightning stealing his 5th bag.

PWHjort said...

Carson, I was at the game today. Blanton did look pretty good. I saw him playing long-toss before he warmed up and he was putting it on a rope at about 150 feet. He gave up a few hits but none for extra bases if I remember correctly. Hanson gave up some hits too, but I've never seen stuff so good. It was better than Kerry Wood.

GM-Carson said...

Hanson hits 99 mph and is a strikeout king in the waiting.

GM-Carson said...

As I originally thought, that last pic of the blonde on Howard's lap is none other than porn star Gina Lynn...sweet Jeebus!

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