Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the Minors

Does a 1-3 record through 4 games over 14.2 innings pitched with a 9.20 era while allowing 2.18 runners per inning to reach base sound like a viable 5th starter to you? If your answers is no, then you're in agreement with the Phillies decision to send Kyle Kendrick back to the minors. If you're answer is yes, you must be an Adam Eaton fan.

The competition for the 5th spot is now down to JA Happ and Chan Ho Park.



PWHjort said...

Anyone want to take my 100$ bet that Happ wins the spot?

GM-Carson said...

Happ is my pick too, although I don't have $100 to splurge on a bet.

GM-Carson said...

From the Zo Zone:
Here is some of what Kendrick said:

"How am I feeling? At first I was upset, but I know what I need to do. I'm going to go down there and work on my secondary pitches. I'll be back."

"I see myself as a big-league pitcher."

"I didn't show my offspeed stuff early enough. It was a little erratic at times. It just needs to get better. I know I need to get better and the things I need to do . I'll go down there with a clear mind and get better and I'll be back."

SirAlden said...

Thanks for all your good work Kyle.

Take the time to get your secondary pitches on track!

GM-Carson said...

I know I seem like I've been harsh in regards to Kyle, but I'm rooting for him to figure it out in the minors. He's only 24, and with a return of confidence and improved secondary pitches he'll be back of the rotation material again.

By the way- Happ went 5 ip with 1 earned run today.

Spencer said...

Honestly it seems like Happ has his game together and for the long term view of things, it's the best bet. Honestly though - it's a nice problem to have the way Happ and Park have pitched.

A Rubber Door

Aaron said...

Happ get the spot. Chan ho goes to the pen.
As it should be.

I would love to see the Phils get rid of Jenkins and keep donald on the team. Or even give mayberry a shot.

I will not be happy if they get rid of Stairs. Your my boy stairs!!!!

PWHjort said...

If Happ wins the spot I also wouldn't be surprised if he's not the worst pitcher in the rotation. Blanton, Meyers, and Moyer's effectiveness and health are all question marks so Happ has a decent shot at being more than the team's worst starter.