Saturday, February 07, 2009

Q&A- Tim Dierkes

Tim Dierkes, the man most baseball bloggers aspire to be, the man with the inside scoop, the man that was able to quit his day job, post rumors on the Internet while getting paid to do it, and now pays other rumor mongers to work under him so he can actually sleep (as if Super Man needs sleep), did a Q&A session with us. Yes, I speak of Tim Diereks of the famous MLB Trade Rumors where I visit at least 10 times daily. His mega-site had over 1 million views Decemeber 10th during the Winter Meetings. He's been on the radio, gets praised by major newspaper outlets (USA Today, Chicago Tribune, etc), and has gotten the virtual high-five from the original rumor gangster Peter Gammons. Needless to say, Mr. Dierkes is a busy man, but not too busy to stop from breaking the latest in the Manny saga to answer some questions for WSBGM's.

1. Describe the phenomenon known as MLB Trade Rumors.
It's a phenomenon now? That's a new one.

2. How do you keep up with the latest scoop?
I monitor a few hundred websites, reading most of the baseball stories. Readers help me out a ton by emailing links, and journalists sometimes do the same.

3. Biggest surprise trade, free agent signing, and still unemployed player the offseason?
Biggest surprise trade was J.J. Putz to the Mets, given that it was on the heels of their K-Rod signing. I also was surprised to see Mark DeRosa dealt. The John Smoltz and Trevor Hoffman signings were two I would've never guessed. Quite surprised to see Adam Dunn and Ben Sheets unemployed on February 2nd.

4. What team that has suffered through some dismal times recently is now heading in the right direction?
The Orioles.

5. What team that has experienced winning recently is in for a rude awakening?
The Angels.

6. This is now you're full-time job, how gratifying is that?
Very, I could hardly think of a cooler job.

7. What's your take on the Ryan Howard contract dilemma?
I think he's justified in trying to get paid the max right now, given that he was held down in the minors when he was MLB-ready. I think the Phils will win the arb hearing though if it gets to that.

8. You're Cubbies fell hard in the playoffs yet again...what to expect in '09?
It was a weird offseason with certain moves made to cut salary. They acquired the balance they craved, maybe that is the missing ingredient. I figure if you can get to the playoffs often you'll eventually break through.

9. There has been an awful lot of false reports/flimsy rumors this offseason (Furcal signing with Oakland then Atlanta, the entire Jake Peavy ridiculousness), what do you make of it?
I have been tracking reports that were blatantly shot down for being incorrect, and came up with fewer than ten. So while certain ones stand out in our memory it's not the norm.

10. MLBTR has delved into the foreign player market (Japan, Dominican, Cuba) and showcased many of the prized prospect, how do you go about doing your research?
I just read whatever I can get my hands on. I don't really know a ton about the markets you named though.

11. Who is your favorite current player and why?
Rich Hill. A bit of an underdog, never had the Cubs' confidence for long. I love watching that huge curveball, I hope he rediscovers the strike zone in Baltimore.



GM-Carson said...

Tim emailed these answers before it was known that Sheets was indeed messed-up therefore needing surgery.

GreggyD said...

Wow so CNN just informed me that A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003. With all of this evidence coming out against Bonds and A-Rod and how they both tested positive in 03, I have to wonder, how MLB just seemed to "overlook" it and let them play.

GM-Carson said...

I'm tired of this shit. America needs clean sports heroes. Enough with the roids, drunk driving, weed...ridiculous!

GM-Carson said...

From MLBTR (subject of today's interview)-
Kevin Roberts of the Philadelphia Inquirer has a few Phillies rumors:

* GM Ruben Amaro Jr. says it's "very likely" the Phillies will not make any more additions.
* The Phillies have inquired on "almost every righthanded bat on the market." They've considerd Rich Aurilia, Nomar Garciaparra, Moises Alou and Mark Grudzielanek.
* Amaro's targeting Nomar.
* Roberts agrees with Jon Heyman that the Phillies gave Andruw Jones a "tepid look."
* However, they're in no hurry to bring in a righty bench bat and could take their time adding one.
* The $4MM gap between the Phillies arbitration offer to Ryan Howard and his demand will influence how much the Phillies can spend. Amaro called Howard's case "the elephant in the middle of the room."

Amanda said...

Awesome interview.

Paul said...

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I already link to this blog from mine, but I'll be sure to add the second one. Thanks for the comment!

And sure, I'll take a return link! Little extra help never hurts.

Paul said...

Paul = thatsmyboye over at The Phrontiersman by the way.

How do you spell retard? said...

I'm tired of this shit. America needs clean sports heroes. Enough with the roids, drunk driving, weed...ridiculous!

That doesn't apply to sports blogger as well, does it? Just kidding, I don't do 'roids or weed.

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