Friday, February 27, 2009

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Tyler Green

The year was 1991. The amateur from Wichita State University selected 10th overall was Tyler Green. The organization seeing future ace written all over the young hurler was the Philadelphia Phillies. 4 big league seasons, a 5.16 era, a 1.53 whip, and a losing record later (18-25) the Phils are thwarted in their efforts to build a championship caliber rotation headed by this trick pitch (the knuckle-curve) throwing youngster. I sincerely wish he had signed with the Cincinnati Reds in 1988 when they drafted him in the 3rd round, then in '91 we could have had the 13th overall pick instead (some schlub that goes by the name Manny Ramirez).

Green was a colossal disappointment, although he did manage to represent the Phillies in the 1995 all-star game (more of an indication how bad the Phils were that season, rather than the strength of Green's '95 campaign). Tyler spent parts of '93, '95, '97, and '98 with the Phils. He disappeared from professional baseball after being released from the Cleveland organization in 2000, ending with an equally crappy minor league career line (29-47, 5.19, 1.51).


Grapefruit Action (sounds kinky):
*The prized possession of the Phillie farm system Carlos Carrasco K.O.'d 3 batters through 2 innings without giving up anything to the Blue Jays yesterday. JA Happ followed him up with 2 innings of work, giving up only a hit. The two of them are in competition for the 5th spot in the rotation with Chan Ho Park and Kyle Kendrick. This is probably the most intriguing storyline of the spring in Phils camp.

*The Phillies fell to 0-2 in the early going of the Grapefruit League, as they lost to Toronto 6-2. Blaine Neal and Justin Lehr were to blame for the runs, and the offense is still in winter hibernation. It's early, but the lack of hits is probably pissing Manuel off, he doesn't want a pathetically low .255 team batting average again this season.

*Phils head to Sarasota today to take on Bronson Arroyo and the Cincinnati Reds with Drew Carpenter starting for Philly.

*Every season a certain Hall of Famer 3rd baseman named Michael Jack Schmidt is brought into spring training as a special instructor. Well, this season the Phils really rolled out the red carpet in inviting a legendary 2-sacker to the Bright House Networks complex in Clearwater...Mickey Morandini. *Photo courtesy of



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to current Phillies Matt Stairs and Scott Mathieson as well as ex-Phil Cliff Politte.

Mike said...

Adam Bomb is gone?!

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit Eaton just got released. I thought they'd at least wait a couple weeks. Guess he's already pissing people off down there in Florida. Can't wait to see if some team actually gives him a chance (someone probably will).

Andrew said...

Wow, that was fast for Eaton. No question he pissed someone off with his attitude...

Check out Tyler Green's 1995 splits in his All Star season. Yikes!

1st half: 14 GS, 8-4 record, 4 CG, 2 shutout, 96 IP, 2.81 ERA

2nd half: 11 GS, 0-5 record, 0 CG or shutouts, 44 IP, 10.68 ERA

he did deserve the AS nod in June, but he rapidly lost it!!!!

GM-Carson said...

That's worse than the bad Brett and good Brett of last season.

Andrew said...

and both complete game shutouts were against the Dodgers in his only 2 appearances against them. Green OWNED the Dodgers.

GM-Carson said...

I'll give Green credit in one department, he was a decent hitting pitcher: .195 average, .506 OPS, 9 doubles, 1 hr, 10 rbi in 113 at bats. That's better than No-Hit Nunez.

imasportsfan99 said...

I remember Tyler Green from 1995 All Star Game, and his pitching coach Johnny Podres said in the news that "when Tyler is on, he has the best curve ball I've ever seen", and he played WITH Sandy Koufax. Darren Daulton Phillies catcher said, "When Tyler's mixing his 95mph fastball with his 85mph knuckle curve, it's almost not fair. They can sit on that pitch all night and they still won't hit it." That year he threw back to back shutouts against the Dodgers that year with a 2 inch tear in his pitching shoulder. Pretty amazing if you ask me, too bad his shoulder got hurt, he would of been a great one.