Friday, February 20, 2009

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Knicely & Savage

Remember Brad Harman, Andy Tracy, Mike Cervenak, TJ Bohn, Andrew Carpenter, and Les Walrond's contributions last season? I barely do, and for good reason...they were pretty insignificant. That's not a slight against any of those players, some of which remain in the Phils system, it's just the brutal truth. Alan Knicely is one of those type players. Knicely was a backup catcher, and a seldom used 1st baseman and outfielder during his 8 unspectacular seasons in the majors with the Astros, Reds, Phillies, and Cardinals. His lone season in Philly was 1985 when he made only 7 appearances as a pinch hitter, going hitless and striking out 4 of those times. Sounds like "bad" Alex Gonzalez from the '06 season. Career line: .213/.303/.315 in 228 games and 521 at bats. Who might be this season's Knicely- Marcus Giles, Pablo Ozuna, Miguel Cairo, Blaine Neal, Gary Majewski, Mike Koplove?

Here at WSBGM's we love us some Phuccos, and we're hoping Ronny Paulino can make the team out of spring training and plays well for the Phils this season after spending the early part of his career with the Buccos. Kris Benson was last season's Phucco hopeful, but he struggled in the minors and didn't toss a single pitch for the Phightins. Ted Savage, an old school Phucco, was a rookie outfielder in 1962 with the Phils and was traded to Pittsburgh the very next season. From Philly and Pitt, he went on to bounce around both leagues over his 9 MLB seasons with the Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, Dodgers, Reds, and Royals. For those of you keeping count, that's 8 teams in 9 seasons. His rookie year was one of his better years, batting .262/.345/.373 in 127 games. Career line: .233/.334/.361 in 642 games.

Spring Hits:
*The warrior, the beast, the man known as Chase Utley remains ahead of schedule with his hip rehab and is deadset on being in the lineup Opening Night. On the other hand, prodigious out-making machine Pedro Feliz came into camp still hobbled from his back surgery and didn't do any baseball drills in the offseason and just took some grounders the other day. With the possibility of Feliz not being ready, Marcus Giles has been seen taking fielding practice at 3rd base in the early going.

*Apparently Charlie Manuel is a great speech giver, as he was mentioned in the same breath as President Barack Obama by Jayson Werth, "I got Charlie No. 1, as far as speeches I've heard. I think Obama might be a better public speaker, but I'll take Charlie's World Series speech." He "thinks" Obama may be the better public speaker...gosh I hope so!

*This "War of Words" between the Mets and Phillies was entertaining for a while (like back in '07), but it's getting played out and the Mets are seriously coming off like the cry baby punk bitches they are (STFU Reyes, Beltran, K-Rod, etc.).

*Bobby Abreu cried when the Phils won the World Series, "I was crying in a happy way because I know how hard they worked for that and how important it is to win the World Series." Ah, shucks Bobby, that's sweet.

Video courtesy of The 700 Level:



GM-Carson said...

The Phillies recently signed catchers Chris Coste and Ronny Paulino to contracts, which pushes their 25-man roster payroll to a projected $132.5 million for Opening Day.

Amanda said...

The best part of the video is the end when JRoll smacks the guy in the butt ahha. He's a pretty good actor.

Andrew said...

Lauber reports that a photo in Red and Black tuxes was taken using late year's winning squad. It will be in the April programs. That should be some pretty cool pictures.

GM-Carson said...

red and black tuxes...nice

peacock805 said...

How would you pronounce Phuccos?

GM-Carson said...

Fa-uck-oh is phonetically I believe.

LynnieMac said...

The tux photo will be missing Pat Burrell so it is, therefore, incomplete. *sniff*

(Yes, yes. It'll be missing So Taguchi, too. Who cares?)

GM-Carson said...

Didn't even know this, but it's Ted Savage's bday today (Saturday).

Philly Keith said...

Les Walrond has one of the most dominant games thrown last season....too bad it was for the aaa iron Pigs! Still he mowed down 17 in 7 innings of work... Good shot of the Ultimate Warrior, top 5 all time pound for pound wrestler!

Check out the Philles Fan

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