Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MLB.com Fantasy Preview

I stumbled upon MLB.com's Fantasy Preview the other day, so I decided to see what they had to say about the Phillies. What I found was a mix of misinformation, baseless speculation, and idiocy. Basically, a bloggers dream! So, I decided I would reprint their "one liners" about each player and then a little critique of my own. Enjoy.

Chris Coste - Will see plenty of time vs. lefties. - Ranked ahead of Ruiz for catchers. Sure, if you ignore that fact that he may be traded or designated for assignment.

Carlos Ruiz - Disappointing '08 campaign results in '09 timeshare. - Cooch has always shared time, but I think his '08 campaign, post season especially, will earn him equal or increased playing time.

Ronny Paulino - Likely headed for third-string role. - Who cares where he's headed, he's useless on a fantasy team.

Shane Victorino - Speedster bordering on five-category studliness. - Studliness? Who's writing this, Paris Hilton? TJ Simers? Chris Wheeler?

Raul Ibanez - Steady vet moves to cozy Citizens Bank Park - Blankets and slippers are "cozy." The Cit full of a bunch of fans who are pissed you're replacing a legend is far from "cozy."

Jayson Werth - Multi-talented OF no longer found in bargain bin - His mom is hot.

Pat Burrell - Power numbers shouldn't decline much with new team - [Single tear...] I can't quit you, Burrell.

Geoff Jenkins - Veteran limited to backup duty with Phils - Fantasy Value=0. Real life value=~$7million. I'd take that gig.

Matt Stairs - Entering twilight of career at 40 - Entered "twilight of career" about 10 years ago.

John Mayberry - Young slugger likely ticketed for Triple-A - Was it even necessary to include Mayberry on this list? Where's Dominic Brown? Or Rob Ducey?

Pedro Feliz - Strong glove doesn't help fantasy value - Unless you play at AbeNunezFantasyBaseball.com

Greg Dobbs - Lengthy Pedro Feliz slump could lead to more PT - Sideburns don't help fantasy value. They should. But they don't.

Eric Bruntlett - Versatility doesn't offset low AVG. - Or low HR, or low RBI...should have read, "Won't steal runs from Burrell anymore."

Jimmy Rollins - Terrific value even without MVP-caliber numbers - Agreed. No pithy comment to make here.

Chase Utley - Value hurt slightly by questionable health. - Hip problems shouldn't hurt fantasy numbers. Right? At least, that's what Albert Belle yelled at me once.

Ryan Howard - Bank on massive HR, RBI totals. - "Citzen's Bank" on those totals. Zing!

Brad Lidge - Won't be perfect again, but he's finally consistent. - I think he meant to say, "Phinally consistent."

Ryan Madson - Showed intriguing stuff late in '08. - You mean, like transforming magically into the second coming of Mariano Rivera? Yeah, I'd call that intriguing.

Cole Hamels - Magical year doesn't wipe away injury record. - Umm, yes it does. They are WFC!!!!!

Brett Myers - Ready to reclaim workhorse credibility. - Already has jackass credibility on resume.

Joe Blanton - Showed little improvement in NL - Oakland record was 5-12. Philadelphia record was 7-0, with three of those in the post season. That's a little more than little.

Jamie Moyer - Road starts bring out best in ageless one - Maybe the Phils should go with a six man rotation and pitch Moyer only on the road. It would save them some money in performance bonuses.

Adam Eaton - Needs trade from homer-friendly home park. - Or the Phillies can erect 40 feet high walls and let Eaton pitch from Little League distance, which is a more likely scenario to occur than Eaton going to a different team and being successful.



GM-Carson said...

I visited AbeNunezFantasyBaseball.com to play, and unfortuntely it doesn't exist.

Bob D said...

I have Clay Condrey on my watch list. Hoping he will fall to the 3rd round so I can get him on the cheap.

AbeNunezFantasyBaseball.com is found only on a special computer.

GM-Carson said...

Clay Condrey is a sleeper...shhhh.

Jay Ballz said...

Way to keep it real...especially with Werth and Blanton.

GM-Carson said...

I could see Blanton winning 15+ games for the team this year, surpassing Myers as the #2 starter.

Bob D said...

It could happen. He had good success, not dominating but very effective.

Several fantasy guides have Jenkins listed in top 300, why??? He is not a regular player right now.

NE Phillies Phan said...

Yeah, its the "ballpark" with Eaton. Its not because he completely sucks.

GM-Carson said...

Cameron Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer has the latest on the Phillies' pursuit of a reliever.

Will Ohman's agent Page Odle spoke of a "real good positive conversation" with the Phillies over the past week, but GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said the dollars would have to be "extremely modest." Odle said Ohman is open to a one-year deal with a contender. The Mets are the other main suitor, but they are also in bargain mode.

Smith spoke to Dennys Reyes, who said his agent has been talking to the Dodgers and A's. But Reyes did talk to the Phillies back in December. He is also focused on signing with a contender.

The Phils do have in-house options, plus Amaro suggested he could find a righthanded reliever with the ability to retire lefties.

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