Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phillies Lookalikes

Jamie Moyer and Stones drummer Charlie Watts

Raul Ibanez and Rage guitarist Tom Morello (from ESPN)

Carlos Ruiz and Left Alone frontman Elvis Cortez

Christ Coste and Charlie Brown

Davey Lopes and Billy Joel (another one fromESPN...)

Minor league pitcher Scott Nestor and wrestler John Cena

Pitcher Andrew Carpenter and former Bucco Jason Schmidt

Jimmy Rollins and Jermaine Dupri

Jayson Werth and wrestler "Edge" (found on

Ryan Howard and Michael Clarke Duncan (also found on



GM-Carson said...

I think Michael Clark Duncan is actually bigger than Ryan least they made him seem that way in the Green Mile.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Wow. Raul and Morello look like twins. Let's hope Ibanez can kick as much ass as Rage.

GM-Carson said...

Rage was awesome. "Killing in the Name of..." gets me so pumped. Their first two albums were awesome, then they went commercial.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Turn on the radio, nah, fuck it, turn it off.

GM-Carson said...

That should be "Lights Out" Lidge's anthem.


the ibanez/morello one is insane. they seriously have to be related.

Skeeter said...

Oh Oh, I got a Mets look-a-like.

Jose Reyes and my ass.

Also, I've been listening to Rage all morning now. "F*ck you I won't do what you tell me!!"

GM-Carson said...

YouTube link for Killing in the Name of". Listen to it!!!


another mets look alike:

Phillies Phollowers said...

Here's another for you: Pat Gillick and the Washington Nationals' GW mascot...
How about Charlie Manuel and Meatloaf?

Or is it just me? :O)

Jay Ballz said...

are you fucking serious with this>?

joe said...

hmm seems i have just recently read a phillies look alike article on a different blog....and that was dated 2/ you guys are stale.

GM-Carson said...

Corey had this post drafted about a week and a half ago, so we weren't "stale" or trying to copy anyone.


hey joe, why don't you get the fucking sand out of your vagina?

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Ryan Howard looks like KRS one.I bet they both do a sweet crane kick.

GM-Carson said...

I was never a big KRS-ONE fan, thought he rap flow was weak.

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

And stop whining about copying people this ideas been done a million times by a million different people. It's funny.

Although, this one is my personal fav.

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

GM - KRS had a few good beats but he's not on my ipod or anything....but he really looks like Howard. Dead on with the Jimmy/Dupri.

PS - Send us a crane kick.

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Tell him he jacked his ideas from Weapon X on Fannation considering that link I posted is from 2008.

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Who cares really? People do the same stuff on blogs on a daily basis.

Now, about that crane kick...

Send one in!

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

PS - You'ev been added to our blog roll

GM-Carson said...

People do "lookalikes" and "twins" all the time, he acts like it was his brand new idea that he invented.

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Tell him to take it up with Page 2 on

joe said...

check you post from 2/8/09

not just the lookalikes thing

Crane Kick Chronicles said...

Can't we all just get along and crane kick the world?

GM-Carson said...

Some comments have deleted due to graphic nature :)

Tony said...

i guess you guys have never seen al jefferson of the minnesota timberwolves. looks alot like howard:

Philly Keith said...

what about Geoff Jenkins & Brett Favre???

Check out the Philles Fan

GM-Carson said...

Philly Keith- too obvious, and we've done it before.

Mr. A-Hole said...

Is that Joe guy a queer?

Mick O said...

I think Raul Ibanez looks like Ralph Feinnes as Voldemort.

Shawn said...

Ryan Howard looks like Dennis Haysbert from the Allstate commercials, 24, and of course, as Pedro Cerrano in Major League.

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