Friday, February 06, 2009

Imposter, Missed Players, and Sandcastles

What's going on here? Either the Hiroshima Carp owe the Phillies some money for ripping of their gimmick, or the Phanatic spent one night in Bangkok and this was his offspring.


We Miss U:

The picture of the "Burrell Stance" is brought to you by the characters of The Sexy Crimes. WSBGM's is frightened of life without Pat, but unlike The Sexy Crimes, we've moved onward and continue to post despite the depressing realization that The Bat will no longer be manning left field.

Aaron "Fence Face" Roward is out there in Cali chilling with Barry Zito and Paris Hilton, but he used to kick it in Philly with his boy Ryan Howard, some Old Milwaukee, and the ladies.




GM-Carson said...

Scott Lauber of the Wilmington News Journal spoke with Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. Thursday afternoon. Amaro reaffirmed the club's interest in Nomar Garciaparra, but said he doesn't expect an answer from the free agent infielder until spring training begins.

Garciaparra is supposedly considering retirement due to health issues. "Nomar has been great through the whole process, but he doesn't want to put our team in a position to bring on a player who may not be prepared to perform at his accustomed level," Amaro said. "But if we can bring Nomar in and give him an opportunity to be in camp, if he feels like he's healthy enough to do that, it gives us more depth."

Amaro said he's "not sure" if Nomar would be willing to accept a minor league contract if he does decide to play this year.

*If he's unsure, move on!

GM-Carson said...

Our buddy Todd Zolecki wrote a nice piece on the backstop battle between Coste and Paulino.

Bob D said...

That video will haunt me the rest of the day. Was that kid upset and angry because of the Phillies logo on the sandcastle?

furiousBall said...

i farted

GM-Carson said...

That's nice Furiousball, you should check out More Hardball's post today as it was an ode to Blyleven and farting.

GM-Carson said...

Among all the teams, the Phillies have added the most to their payroll this winter ($30MM+). Only ten teams raised payroll this year. The Phils are still looking at the same cast of righthanded bench bats, and are also looking to sign a reliever for one year. Names of interest: Joe Borowski, Rudy Seanez, Will Ohman, Joe Beimel, Dennys Reyes, and Randy Flores. Stark notes that Flores is out until June due to shoulder surgery.

*I'd take Seanez, Ohman, Reyes, or Beimel. Flores doesn't really help at all if he isn't back until about the time JC returns.