Sunday, February 08, 2009

Howard- 3 YR. $54M

It's a done deal. Ruben Amaro Jr. continued his busy offseason of securing the Phillies young talent by locking Ryan Howard up with a 3 year $54,000,000 deal, which covers his 3 years of arbitration through 2011. Annual salary of $18M, gives Howard the money he wants now and the Phils some insurance that his salary won't skyrocket to $20M+ per season. Good for Howard, good for the Phils, and good work Rube.



Amanda said...

It is good for the Phillies.

He's getting $18 million a year.. Yes that is a lot. But it buys out all 3 of his arbitration years. If he went to arbitration next year, he'd probably ask for $20 or $22 million. And because HR and RBI are the sexy thing, he'll end up getting that money. So in a way, the 3 year deal is saving money for the Phillies.

I like Howard. Even though he strikes out a ton, he is a big part of this team.

GM-Carson said...

More on Howard's deal from MLBTR-
3:53pm: Jayson Stark chimes in, stating that the Phillies can trade Howard, without penalty, after Nov. 1, 2010. If traded before that date, Howard will receive an extra $1MM. Doesn't sound like too much of a penalty to any team seriously looking at acquiring him.

2:35pm: Joel Sherman has the numbers: Howard will earn $15MM in 2009, $19MM in 2010, and $20MM in 2011. The base salaries for 2010 and 2011 will increase by $1MM if Howard wins the MVP award in the season prior, and $500K if he finishes second in the voting. He will earn $100K for any Gold Gloves, World Series MVPs, Silver Sluggers, or All-Star Game starts he receives. He'll get $50K if he's selected to the All-Star game or wins the LCS MVP.

Andrew said...

Rube had a lot on his plate and it looks like he took care of it all. Bring on spring training!

Bob D said...

$100K for a gold glove? I hope Rube is willing to payout.

This was a good contract extension for both sides.

Yes, bring on spring training!

GM-Carson said...

Rube did well overall this winter, aside from the too large Ibanez contract and the $2.5 to Ho Park. I don't mind having Chan, but that's too much money to be giving him guaranteed.

baseballqueen said...

I highly doubt the Phils are in danger of $100k for Gold Gloves. If he wins a Gold Glove ... Jose Offerman is calling back upon his error ridden seasons of the 90's and asking for one too!

GM-Carson said...

Offerman had 42 errors in '92, 37 in '93, and 35 in '95 while playing shortstop for the Dodgers...yikes!