Friday, February 13, 2009

Get Excited

Pat Gillick, better known as Patty G around these parts, knows winners. He's the only GM in the history of baseball to ever construct 4 teams that have gone to the playoffs (O's, Jays, M's, and Phils), so you best listen up when he starts talking "repeat". Mr. G had this to say in regards to the Phils defending their WFC, ""I think we've got a good chance." During this interview he did with newly crowned beat writer Todd Zolecki, Gillick also went on to talk about why Ibanez was so expensive, the Phils boost to payroll, and the attempt to keep Burrell.

Ryan Church must still be suffering from post concussion symptoms, because he had this dumbass comment to make the other day, "Hey, they won the World Series. More power to them. There’s only a big bull’s-eye on their back. We’re coming." Doesn't he know he plays for the Mets, and they're "choke artists". *Image courtesy of Mr. Ballz at Phoul Ballz.

Speaking of the World Series, I'm going to get my picture taken with the World Series trophy tomorrow at the Harrisburg Mall (pictures forthcoming on the blog).

By the way, the pitchers and catchers official report date for the Phillies camp is tomorrow. Spring is here!


Check out this list of studly all-stars that the Pirates are inviting to spring training. RHP Denny Bautista, RHP Chris Bootcheck, RHP Jason Davis, LHP Daniel Haigwood, RHP Juan Mateo, RHP Daniel McCutchen and RHP Brian Slocum; catchers Eric Kratz and Miguel Perez; infielders Shelby Ford, Garrett Jones, Pedro Lopez, Anderson Machado and Andy Phillips; outfielders Andrew McCutchen, Craig Monroe and Jeff Salazar. As if I didn't provide enough excitement in the top section. I bet you can barely contain yourself right now. *List courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors.

Pitchers and catchers are supposed to report today in Pirates camp, but the jury is still out on if there are actually any pitchers or catchers on their roster...



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to Phillies legends Mike Mimbs and Kevin Stocker.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I'm just curious … why exactly are the Pirates involved in this site?

GM-Carson said...

About 3 years ago we started off as a joint Pirates/Phillies site. Corey and I are both die-hard Phils fans, but enjoy the Pirates (unless they're playing our Phightins of course). However, we really only get the chance to watch the Phils regularly and they're the only team worth really blogging about so over the years this site has become a Phils site for the most part. However, Corey and I still follow Pittsburgh so we post on them every once in a while.

GM-Carson said...

Harry on the DL?

Legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas will miss most of spring training after undergoing surgery earlier this week, sources told the Daily News yesterday.

The surgery, unrelated to the detached retina that sidelined him for part of last season, is not expected to cause him to miss Opening Day.

Kalas could return to the broadcast booth late in spring training. In the meantime, television broadcaster Tom McCarthy will pitch in on radio.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I see. I'm guessing you didn't go to Penn State then. If you did, you'd despise everything Pittsburgh like I do.

GM-Carson said...

No, I didn't go to Penn State, nor am I a Penn State fan. Corey is a PSU fan though.

GM-Carson said...

Adam Eaton on his chances of breaking camp with the Phillies: "I think the odds on favorite would be going somewhere else. But that is a good thing, too. This isn't the only place I can pitch. There's a lot more teams out there that need pitching. I hope to pitch well this spring, whether I make this team or some other team."

*Yes, other teams do need pitching, but not the shit you call pitching.

Jay Ballz said...

Haha- good stuff on Eaton.

Phoul Ballz in the house!

GM-Carson said...

Stuff about Phils from Jayson Stark's lastest ESPN article:
*Phils rank #2 under "Checkbook Champs"=- We weren't sure whether the Phillies qualified for this list or not, since they spent "only" $47 million on their three free agents -- Raul Ibanez, Chan Ho Park and Jamie Moyer. But if you add in contract extensions for Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Jayson Werth, it means they coughed up $131.525 million this winter. If they're wondering, they also could have used that stash on 15,473,529 mushroom pizza steaks at Pat's.

*Phils are one of the big spring stories in the NL- Phil 'Er Up: The Phillies as World Series Champs is a concept a whole generation of Philadelphians -- and players -- is 100 percent unfamiliar with. So their challenge this spring is trying to become the first NL team to repeat since the 1975-76 Big Red Machine -- and the first Philadelphia team to repeat, in any sport, since the 1974-75 Flyers. Will that Raul Ibanez-for-Pat Burrell free-agent swap be an upgrade? Will J.C. Romero's 50-game suspension hang over their bullpen? Can their rotation possibly stay as healthy as it was last year? Will winning it all elevate this group's psyche to a whole new level? Biggggg questions in the life of the NL East.

Shay Roddy said...

Hey guys...
I have an interview with Pat Gillick coming up Thursday. If you have a question you feel needs to be asked email me at

If I get some good questions I'll include a mailbag section onto the interview.